Saturday, 23 May 2015


I am not supposed to be ... well here.

Several weeks back something I have worked upon and waited upon for twenty years was coming to an end. Only it was only coming to one end. It was also not playing out how I thought it would.

So plans were delayed a couple of weeks.

This is how I ended up buying Dying Light.

I hated the fact I could not get a physical copy of Dying Light and I hate that.

Anyhoo I thoroughly enjoyed this game, even its precarious, head spinning and frustrating moments but after a couple of weeks playing it actually started to get boring. Oddly enough I had only had my favourite weapon of choice a few  days to a week when I started to get bored.

It was samey and become monotonous. Because you were always retreading the same old ground and the maps were confusing enough that you could not get any decent free-running runs down without making a mistake or turning the wrong way.

Also, despite their claim to this being 'the one' they had always wanted there was something else missing too which others have long since done...there were no animals.

If your going to claim to create a realistic environment then you should actually do this correctly before claiming daft things like that. Even with a zombie plague going on you would see domestic animals in a city or town milling around along with whatever wild mammals, birds and other things besides. I remember seeing fish while swimming, well at least they included that, and thinking 'oh god! There are animals in this game!'

Anyhoo it became boring but was damn fun for a time.

I went back to Dragon Age Inquisition for odd plays but this had also become boring too and I was only playing an hour or so every other day or three.

In the last few days I was looking at reviews for a game that was just about to be released. They surprised me no end. The game was getting scores of a minimum of 90% and mostly higher?! Even more surprising was that a few claimed this game was the best game ever made or best Role-Playing Game, RPG, ever made?!

Yet I swore I would not by this purely because of the previous two games!

I am speaking, of course, of The Witcher series by CD Projekt Red.

Would have gone down as classic games in their own right were it not for the immensely annoying moments when the games ground to a halt and refused to budge or move forward. At all! For weeks and even months at a time. This was how it was for me.

Also with games there is the sense of exploration and wonder. No one has ever done this as well as Skyrim. Unless your an idiotic bufoon.

Travelling to new areas resulted in new things to discover, new creatures to find and fight against and in these areas and as well as the storyline and scenery there was the LOOT!

In both Elder Scrolls and Fallout, well the last three titles in those series, got all these things bang on the money. Above all else that was captivating and interesting in its own right there was the excitement of finding a new favourite sword or bow. Though sword fighting in Skyrim was not great and I always used a longbow, I just have a thing for longbows and do not get me started! Lol!

I saw Dragon Age Inquisitions use of loot as both pointless and utterly boring.


Hmm that was something not mentioned in any of the reviews!

My bloody word, reviewers today! Where in the hell do they find these people?!

The game just stopped installing, I noticed by no drive sounds, and it was asking for a long winded in name file that was number '3' when I only had in disk '1'?! Suddenly thought it had played up and something had gone horribly wrong but I placed disk '2' in my BD drive and there it was ... file '3'!

Now why on Earth did it not just ask for disk '2'?

It almost seemed like I was installing a cracked game. Not that I would know about such things! Well not since my skint Amiga days anyway, lol.

Anyhoo ... yes the loot in Dragon Age's latest is truly terrible and boring beyond your imagination. You find the same old crap stuff that is no where near the stuff you have time after time. Your constantly crouching to pick up tons of stuff you use up at the rate of knots that shows nothing in the way of altering the game. There is an inordinate amount of time between levelling which is fine by me but you simply have to make it more interesting during this time!

Yet The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt only has two weapons and yet it is scoring so high across the board its truly staggeringly shocking!

I was expecting a score lower than Dragon Age and even that score was lower then I thought it would be, well in PC Gamer's review anyway. Cannot remember but it was around 82 to 85% when I had wagered it would be around 92 to 95. Before I played enough of it that is!

I thought that the third Witcher game would score around 78 to 85% and yet it has turned out higher than Dragon Age Inquisition and with one score a staggering 97 or 97.5 I saw somewhere?


I had swore I would not buy this game! Now something I was ignoring had my damned attention once again!

Then I saw that not only did you get a physical package but this was a bloody box with a manual, map, stickers and other stuff?!

Err ... guess what is installing?! LMAO!

So guess what most of the videos I post on my ever growing YouTube account are going to be on?!

I needed a time filler before my ... main event to do with corruption hits the fans and the headlines and I am busy and off doing other things! No Star Citizen yet so The Witcher III the Wild Hunt will simply have to do for the next 8 or 9 days! Lol.

Guess what this post is intended to do? Umm ... well ... time filler until The Witcher 3 has installed and patched itself up which according to the time left to install has now gone from 90 minutes to ... err ... 12 minutes?! Umm it said that 5 minutes ago! Oh dear!

Oh 11 minutes, lol, ... umm ... {twiddling fingers and finger drumming while thinking of something witty to type} 'My mother in law ...'. No I cannot do mother in law jokes as I never had one! Oh wait? That was a .mother in law joke' about not actually having one!

Hmm ten minutes?

Well time to post this up and then go and put the kettle on.

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