Monday, 11 May 2015


I like to think that my playing style and method of dispatching zombies is fun to watch for many.

But failing that it never hurts to show a few completed quests going on, when I am not distracted at just standing in the middle of a town square in old town and taking on all approaching zombies.

If you missed how much fun it is to me try looking at the numbers in my inventory at moments when I am in them in the game and my amount of cash.

It takes me forever to do a quest at times, going over until the following day often, because it is just so much fun, lol!

So here are where you would find the Mayor's Key in The Bunker quest along with The Fan Zone, which was rather a nice touch I think and The Radio Transmission Quest.

Cannot remember the proper name of that Radio Transmission quest but its the big one where you have to ... err ... get a message out to the outside world. Not just across Harran.

I hope you have a head for heights!

Oh yeah ... and now I have my favourite Katana! Lol!

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