Monday, 23 June 2014


OK then for you coming here from my computing blog it is high time I got around to both revealing what I have been doing, a couple days late I know, and posting pictures and videos.

Yes I have been working on building a new computer rig, going to upset many fanboys here, well over half of them at a guess.

But then I was never one for waffle and inefficiency, so there!

This system comprises of ...

AMD A10-7850K (Kaveri)
MSI A88XM (slight error in ordering) GAMING SERIES
CRUCIAL MX100 256GB SSD (DO not even get me started on Amazon here?!)
ACE 600W PSU (change at last minute from Corsair)
COOLERMASTER HYPER TX3 COOLER (Originally going to be Hydro i80 or whetever the closed loop watercooler is called, lol)

Now still to get, as its unfinished and YES its running but I have a fan splitter and a drive bay adaptor to buy (not enough fan ports and a schoolboy error)

Also on the hit list is the Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard in black with Cherry Red Switches.

Logitech G602 (err or was it G702? LMFAO!) Wireless Laser Mouse
LG Blu-Ray Writer Internal

RADEON R7 250OC for Dual Graphics

Audio Technica or Blue Microphone with Boom, Arm, Screen and Cage.

Camera for watching the wildlife in garden 24 hours a day, Logitech? LMFAO!

A professional microphone a serious thought now as I am thinking of news podcast type things. Technical term right there! Type things! Lol!

Oh and it plays Crysis (first one) on full settings rather well, with no overclocking or dual graphics, as I do not have the second graphics card yet and wont for about a month!

This was a big project for me made possible by a court case where I won out of court and I had to do a little saving too.

But it was a psychological thing I just had to achieve so that I can do this again with other things, hence why I called it Project ZERO?! Lol!

Oh and the Duronic Monitor Arm is bloody great except its not the one I orginally was going to get, as this was cheaper but also Duronic. Unfortunately using it for more than about twenty minutes and I get a massive pain in my neck that does not ease so easily.

This is likely down to either my Fibromyalgia Syndrome condition or its the part of my central nervous system in my neck that is damaged that causes the Fibromyalgia in the first place?! LMAO!!

I cannot get help as the NHS have tried once again to make me look like a liar by stating one thing to me and then contradicting me and insisting that they did not say it...

Unfortunately for them I had been recording everything I did for over 3 years so, oh dear NHS the party is most definitely OVER!! LOL!

Yes that was another issue that made this worse as I got kicked by my second GP in as many months because I would not accept being labelled as a liar, oh and I do mean literally here believe me. Lol.

So I was going through all that with Guy's Hospital and another corrupt GP Surgery that lies to you and looks you in the eye after lying and tells you they are not lying and have nothing to hide, lol.

I had thought that my new GP Surgery was not like that but I was wrong and this all occured while I was trying to do this and also an attempted burglary on my house that the Police dropped like the proverbial sack of hot sh... but which I later found out the truth about, lied to again.

Yes sorry, I have made an enemy of many public services purely because I can spot being lied to very quickly, do not like being lied to and simply want them to do the jobs they are paid for.

Because of those three simple things there are times lately when out of the blue when I least expect if they all seem to attack me at once! Lol! So that was what I meant by bad timing.

What none of them know, as not many visitors no especially the ones that disliked videos is that these videos are here to both counter and counter attack the corrupt morons in the UK. :)

Now I have explained what went on please remember that my condition also causes memory issues (loss basically and a lot) so bear with me in some of the videos as I struggle to remember things.

Oh and I have a few more things to acquire but the Kaverian PC is running!

There are more videos than I thought and as I have yet to finish the PC, two to four weeks, I am going to post up 3 videos and then do one a day, or try, for the next couple weeks?!

Hopefully there will not be too large a gap between too many videos of this build?


THE SMALL PRINT SECTION! (LOL) I am someone that says he can do all these things and claims he is an expert in many things but its just talk. This would not be the first time this has happened in my life and now I have let people think what they like as far as mine enemies are concerned. Though as many know if you had looked at my YouTube videos you will see and here me cover a great deal of things which include Reptiles (Herpetology), Amphibians (Batrachology) and Fish (Ichthyology) and also Orchidaceae or Orchids both Hybrids and Botanical (wild species). Added to this imy my ramblings, when I find the time and not being run ragged or in circles by the powers that be, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Japanese Maple Trees, Carnivorous Plants, Cycling and Wing Chun Kung Fu. HUH!! I was supposed to type music as the first one and I forgot FILMS too. There are a few others besides.

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