Saturday, 19 July 2014


Well I should give all those a little warning that I have noted a few things regarding my A10-7850K PC set up I feel could help others ...

First off I now have Catalyst Control Drivers 14.7, I think they were ... YUP. When I downloaded this I noticed a large performance hit in Fallout 3, nice going AMD!!

I only downloaded and installed this because the previous driver failed and yet Fallout 3 was playing fine?! Windows thre up a message that the driver was not working and the Catalyst Control Centre failed to run with the same message of the driver not working?! Nice going AMD!!!

Lastly I have noticed a major stuttering issue in Fallout 3 and it made the stuttering I experienced in Elder Scrolls Skyrim while playing on my Radeon HD5450M laptop look likes child's play?! After going straight for the obvious I then decided to turn off some AMD software I had recently turned on and this was Gesture Control and hey presto! It worked! Then I started to get some more stuttering and headed straight for more of AMD's software and lo and behold turning off Hydro in the Catalyst Control Centre also cured the stuttering completely!


Now I just need to prevent AMD's Gesture Control to not fire up on start up! NICE ...

Ooh you get the idea!

EDIT: I should also add that I can confirm a suspicion that AMD's Gesture Control turns itself back on in game after you have turned it off?! Just wait for the stuttering to be sure.

I have to admit to this being one of those things where you do just end up scratching your head over these big companies! How in the world do you end up releasing software like that which refuses to stay off and then interferes with your MAIN DRIVER when it is on?!

The mind truly does boggle at figuring out how some minds work! LOL!

Now after being interested in having this software on my system I now have to uninstall it! That is until they start to realise they just cannot keep releasing crap willy-nilly!

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