Monday, 7 July 2014


Right I am waiting for one program to start, it has been at this for several minutes and I am not getting a fail message, error message or even acknowledgement from Windows that it has even started!

So I am now installing something else to post an audio file of me ripping crap out of someone from PC World on the phone, someone who has already lies to me in an email and obviously an idiot!

However I had no idea just how much an incompetent idiot and twat this guy was, a fecking true DICKWAD KING!!

Here is why, now I managed to record some of this but there are some facts that likely did not make it onto the tape, sometimes I really do miss the best things!!

1 He did not know where I bought my item

2 He did not know WHERE I bought my item

3 He did not know WHO I bought my item from?! ASking it if was PC World or Currys as the two are different?!

4 He did know WHERE I lived, had to ask my postcode and did not have my details up?!?!

5 He did not know what I bought and said "Oh a Corsair K70 Keyboard'?!

Now keep those in mind and I was given the same two options I was told about over the email which I will get into in a moment but I want to point out that THEY DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE ONE OF THESE BRAND NEW KEYBOARDS IN STOCK ANYWHERE!!


Now think as to how they cannot replace this keyboard at all! How is this even possible?!

Now remember I have a condition that causes pain and nausea in unsuspecting situations and I was going to post about how I had been to PC World tonight to check out there stock. Only ... I was feeling odd and was only there because I was on my bike and the nausea was hitting me. Before heading home after visiting some friends I thought I was getting fed up with waiting for PC World to call me, and claiming they called me when they had not, and check to see if they had this keyboard in stock.

They did not.

They had a SteelSeries one I NEARLY bought instead of this but put it off because the keyboard was a rubber membrane one and do not tend to last with people that type or game alot and I do both! DUHHHH! LOL! This is about £80! So you see not the profe

They now had two or three Roccat Mk Pro Keyboards in stock which are normally £150 listed anywhere but on special offer, ooooh really??!, for 139.99 but are mechanical keyboards like this one!


Oddly they have the Sapphire R7-250 Boost Graphics Card which I was going to get for my PC but now not and it was listed as a nVidia Graphics card which is not even close and nor was the price!


Anyway ... I do not know WHAT I was typing before Google's increasingly crap software shut down Chrome while I was mid sentence in a blog, God is everyone bloody stupid today?! LMAO!

Right I will just finish up with the fact that you will hear the man complaining that he is only trying to help me ..

1 Despite knowing absolutely nothing of my transaction or how I bought it or even how it was delivered and where it was delivered

2 But I only have two options and he has had it explained that I suffer with a bad disability (left door keys in bike lock while I was in PC World ..... THATS what I was about tp type when Chrome shut down without warning)

My OPTIONS are ...

1 Take back to store for a full refund but phone up yet again and have a £120 Corsair Vengeance K95 Keyboard delivered to my house or local store, which takes about a week in all. I have to pay the extra too of course.

2 I have the keyboard picked up and have to mess around for a long time, his words, until I eventually get a Corsair Vengeance K95 Keyboard in my hands

Now remember I have already had him say that he has not looked at my blog, not looked at the video of me taking out of its sealed package and finding the solid metal dented, though I am not told as to why and why he is bothering to phone me anyway!

Remember this and then listen to the last half ofd tghe conversation that was already getting heated when he completely rubbished my claims about selling refurbed stock ...

1 First stating that they do not do it which is simply will have me thirsty for blood and I then say along the lines of 'oh yeah and like they are gonna tell you so how the feck would you know!' and aghast that he thinks its stupid to think that I ave not only proved it 100% of the time but despite everyone else being at it I am supposed to just take some idiot pissants word for it that because a man I have never met before tells me they do not do it I am suppose to then belive that pissed and pissed off Christmas elves got inside the box and bent the sold aluminium on the keyboard?!

Oops, that kinda ... run way from me a bit, lol.

Hmm now what was number two exactly Martin?

Oh feck it, here is the recording ...

This is a new way of sharing as my usual way, using Wuala by Lacie, does not want to run on my new computer?! LOL!

Any issues please leave in the comments and I will use an alternative sharing program, as it did not look like I could have an openly shared file or folder using Google Drive, which is a bit shit for me really, lol. Uploading it to alternative in case Google Drive is really crap at sharing and as really crap is what they seem intent in turning all their stuff into ...

... oh god, just had a thought. What about Chrome?! Lol, been OK but what if they screw that up?! Hmm hopefully Internet Explorer might be OK these days?! Yyyyeahhhh right, lol.


Oh and umm The Telegraph, now going up my ratings list, seems to have reported the same as me lol ...

OH FECK! Its from 2003?!?! How have they gopt away with this for so long?!

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