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Well that was quick!!

It seems that there are far, far more and greater differences between this title and Bethesda's other two big titles than you would be aware!

First of I liked it but , oh my God did it have enough flaws or not and though I still have the two, well it says three but I will go with two, extra mission packs that I have issues with before even playing them!

Right for me what was the most annoying problem with Dishonoured was the idiot idea of the story and characters altering how the speak or respect you based on how many people you kill or let live!


Your not given enough to achieve this and many times its impossible to achieve anyway. I would also imagine that this would take far more repetition that would drive you insane to achieve this. This was already bordering on ridiculous especially the number of times I entered a building without being spotted at all and found two groups of assailants in both directions in neighbouring rooms with one who walks into your room and spots you immediately?!

Number of sleeper darts on this occasion? None! Maximum number you could get away with not killing in this situation? ONE! Ability to back off out the building and pick up sleeper darts? NONE!

This is of course forgetting the fact that these people want to dice you up at every turn, blow you to bits and throw you to the rats! I was really effing annoyed when the boatman Samuel, who I really liked as a character, told me he would 'let me go this time' and 'why was I so brutal'?!

The person that wrote these ideas in must have been a stoned hippie, for sure!

The game was not just way too short it was bloody MILES too short! Exactly the sort of gamer I learned to dislike.

Sorry but I think games this short are not worthy of a £50 price tag when new, nor £40 or even £30!

Elder Scrolls and Fallouts, yes though they could still do with bigger maps and slightly more longevity!

The funny thing is that it is rife and commonly known that the parent companies want you using their stuff and titles and not someone elses. Everyone knows this. So why they have never strived to make games last longer and reducing the waiting time between finishing one title and then acquiring its follow up is utterly lost on me! Never understood that.

I find it funny that since I first got into gaming I watched as games got shorter and shorter and eventuially becomiung ridiculous, sorry Half Life 2 fans but it is and this God like worship of Half Life 2 that exists today is totally weird to be honest. I mean you do not get people talking or worshiping Space Invaders, PacMan, Defender, Jetpack or even Pong now do you? Yes Half Life was good and I was there in the store the day it came out! But was shocked out how quickly you could play through it!

Yes so the games went from having a longevity, interest, that lasted months to just hours! During this time the graphics went out beyond even an orbit of Earth. I put it down to the fact that everyone was concentrating on this but that when this slowed down, which it had to do eventually, the games would increase in their longevity.

In fact I think that this is the one bad element of gaming that has forced the lustre to lose its shine. You get put off after several titles that end up being so short lived. Also and by the time I had figured out the way to play Dishonoured I was already over half way through the game! Once I rescued Emily, young girl in the game, the first time around I was beginning to think I had actually finished the game and I thought 'oooh no! It cannot be?! I am going to rip crap out of this game on my blog!!' LMAO!

Then I noticed my achievements in Steam and I thought 'Oooh no, I made a mistake there it has bloody ages to go as I have only achieved 10% of the achievements!' Then the double cross, drugged, whiz around Dunwall with an elements of freedom not been given earlier in the game and suddenly the game was over!


Also the added content is disappointing and somewhat contradictory to the way they want you to play it because after being sent off to do things and being scorned for killing people that were trying to kill YOU the extra content has you playing as someone who murdered the Empress at the start of Dishonoured, not an evil one and instead a nice Empress?!

God you really need to work on this one! I had no problems avoiding killing all but the most deserving in all the Thief games, except the latest one as I have yet to complete it! Umm I have not killed too many people and if I have killed any at all I am not being scorned for it, lol.

Now for the reasons I liked the game and would love to see a much improved follow up version and hope Bethesda really pull their finger out!

I love the design, characters and story and its not that often I get drawn in to a story like that. Half Life was the early master of that one. I also loved the city and the powers, though annoyingly found myself firing darts off at walls instead on Blinking, form of teleportation power you have in the game. Yes despite doing this countless times and often firing off several bolts I still managed to kill too many people it seems, lol.

Now the things that sprung to my mind as I was playing it ...

1 H.G. Wells

2 Sherlock Holmes (original films)

Or to put it simply a kind of old world science fiction 'who done it'.

However ...

The blink power oddly did not always work on all objects even at times being well within range.

Guards would sometimes appear out of nowhere, seemingly, and a few times I simply could not see where they were coming from and seemed like they were spawning out of thin are a few feet from me. I would take on a group of five or 6 but would be closer to a dozen once I finished, after repeating this several times after getting killed by an unseen assailant after being convinced I had dealt with them all?!

Also it suffers from a little problem, albeit differently, from something I find in both Elder Scrolls and Fallout and I call it the 'Sticky Pixels Syndrome'. Oh yeah just remembered it does not suffer from 'Varying Player Height Syndrome' I get in Fallout 3, lol. Often you suddenly feel like you are completely disabled because your unable to walk in certain direction because your near some obstacle or against it. Sometimes you cannot bloody move at all and the only option is to reload the last save! When this happens in Fallout 3 because your in a gap or dip in a bloody boulder its infuriating and very much more so if you realise you have not saved the game in awhile, lmao.

The overall size of the world is tiny, or at least it feels bloody tiny! Fallout 3, New Vegas and Elder Scrolls feel like they are 100 times larger, no a thousand times larger? Lol.

What I also loved though was the look of everything, it had great colour and looked like a beautiful watercolor painting very often! Now had some one asked me if you could create a world in a 3D game with the beauty of water colours I would have told them it was impossible or they were mad.

So really a shame it was so short as this had the makings to be something extremely stunning and memorable for me. It still has this option depending on what they do if they decide to do a follow up?

Maps and freedom way bigger and greater and do not make it so hard to be the good guy by restricting the hardware needed to be the good guy, remember its about CHOICE. A bit stupid when you have all these powers and abilities but cannot carry more than 10 sleeper darts for your crossbow, yet you can carry 20 normal bolts?! Hmm or was it 20 and 30? Lol, I hate you fibro-foggyness!!

Well at least I will now be keeping an eye out for three Bethesda titles in the future! Only I would wager that as Dishonoured was the most recent off the three its safe to say that a Dishonoured 2 is further away than both Fallout 4 that they are only rumoured to be working on and might only be piecemeal if they are and even Elder Scrolls 6?!

I hate the fact that Elder Scrolls Online exists for so many reasons its not true! I might have been very interested in Elder Scrolls Online for about a months time had it not been for the sheer expense of buying and then the humungous monthly subscription on top of that! Plus its been ripped to buggery by just about every reviewer and gamer since release! I know a video I saw of gameplay looked like utter mayhem and one big battle frenzy with obviously a load of players who kind of miss the point of what Elder Scrolls is all about?!

I think I would rather go for World of Warcraft ... well if the graphics were not so dated looking! Or cartooney, lol.

Now if only there were some other software publishers that had three titles I was as interested in as I am these three, well OK two and a half, from Bethesda?

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