Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I never did understand why Microsoft added an even higher priced version of Windows with the Ulitmate variety. Did they allow more features or did the downgrade the Professional versions?

I have to actually say something nice about Microsoft, yes shock and horror, but I wish that I didn't!

Sound completely backwards and FUBAR?! Well it is!

Microsoft shocked me by sending me a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate?! This was the complimentary package for informing them I where I had bought my not so genuine copy of Windows 7 Professional. I was taken aback let me tell you!

Only after several hours of faffing about I wish they hadn't!

It refused to upgrade and it refused to ... err install it another way and I had to go via the Windows Upgrade Anytime Anywhere nonsense. I got a letter of thanks too, sorry just remembered that one! But it did something extremely annoying and refused to recognise the USB ports! I am sure that Pro did this too but I do not remember it being this bad?! After having all that aggravation I then found myself presented with the desktop screen and no way on interfacing with it as it failed to recognise either of my two keyboards nor either of my mice?! Feck me do I need to have three plugged in from now on then?!

Jesus H Christ how Windows ever got into this sorry state is beyond me!

After trying to remember some keyboard shortcuts I got the motherboards disc in and there was no way to tab between options which is had also just done to me on the wifi driver disc for my Enemax! Lord, strike me down and put me out of my misery!!

Anyuway after finally getting around that and getting my Logitech G602 and my Roccat Ryos MK Pro pair talking again I then noticed I had a black border around my screen, after I selected the 1920x1080p resolution that is. I checked with the Catalyst Control Centre and that had not tthe option for the native resolution and yet it stated my monitor was a 1080p monitor?! WTF?!?!

The 1080p option was curiously available under HDTV though and selecting this still had the border!

I then discovered that a slider for scanning the image over or under and if I slid that to the farthest right, which was 0% overscan ... umm or was it under, then the picture fitted the screen! I was not happy about this and the image displayed was degraded compared to when I had the Windows 7 Pro installed?!

Jesus ... oh you get the idea, lol.

I had looked online and found many going on about the overscan slider but no one seemed to realise that this was indeed a cheat and that you lost image quality from using it. One person was getting irate as the usual crew of know it alls were insisting he must have damaged the monitor.

I looked at the Catalyst Control Centre again and realised it was an older version, being 14.2 when I had 14.7 installed previously which was odd as I had just downloaded it from AMD's website? Well how does that work?!

I then clicked for it to check for updates hoping that installing 14.7 again would cure the problem, only it only found a later version of 14.2?! I was three quarters of the way through the download when I remebered that the 14.7 drivers were beta! Oh for the love of ...!

Right now the download of the later 14.2 drivers are at around 80% done and failing this curing my image quality I will have to chose the beta version option. If that then fails I think I would have pulled all my remaining hair out of my head leaving Coots wildly envious of my shiny bald head!

So far not quite so Ultimate is this version of Windows 7 and it also put a load of files into a Windows.old folder which had me believing that if you pointed Windows 7 Ultimate at it it would just reinstall everything I had on previously and also including my settings? However a look online and everyone says no which begs the ULTIMATE question ... well why did it do this?

My bloody word this has been a highly irritable evening of computer tomfoolery!

Oh and the first download attempt of Catalyst Control Centres upgrade failed with a bizarre message. I was being asked if this odd and unknown program could have permission to alter a series of things and with the letters 'tmp' in it it looked suspiciously like a virus?! So I said no and the downloading of CCC then immediately stopped at ...

Damn it ... I just got blue-screened for the second time tonight?!

Now where the bloody hell was I?

Well I can continue by telling you that this time around setting the resolution at 1920x1080p in the Windows settings worked! That is where last time I got a large black border! Though oddly when it rebooted I got a 800x600 desktop, aero all switched off and when I attempted to change the resolution in the Catalyst Control Centre I got a message to tell me that no AMD graphics driver was installed?! I thought I remembered having this before but cannot remember if it was this desktop PC or my laptop?!

Anyhoo it gives me bugger all options now and I am now downloading the 14.7 RC CCC! Pretty sure it was in beta when I downloaded it previously? So hopefully soon I was stop having all this niggling issues, done quite deliberately by Microsoft in some cases, I had previously that all started as soon as Windows detected it was not genuine!

The ulitmate pain in the arse it has been so far and if anyone gets sent a more advanced copy on Windows via the same route I advise you to send it back and demand the correct version! I certainly wont want to go through this again! Lol!

I also have yet to discover what differences there is between the Ultimate, Pro and Home Premium.

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