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What an absolute piece of trash!

I am sorry but I was enjoying this title but I am afraid to say that design wise of the missions they musty have held a competition for someone to design them and a village idiot must have won?!

The first time I was knocked unconscious was bad enough! You go around with the greatest stealth and then a effing cut scene where someone waiting around a corner knocks you out with the butt of his gun when you have just laid waste to dozens of men?!

Are you for chuffing real?

I let that slide.

But now it goes and happens a second time and yet where the first time you mysteriously still have your weapons the second time you are not?! Best of all is your opening up the back of an RV vehicle you have just been battling with, so your expecting bad guys with guns, and you get taken out yet again?!

It gets worse!

For those that have played it when I emerged from the waterfall and did a take down of a guy mysteriously guarding it for some unfathomable reason half the time that watery vision became stuck and despite emerging from the water with no effing guns the watery vision remained! So bloody frustrating was this that I tried exiting to the menus and back again, no luck. Ran all the way through unnoticed right up the the helicopter, but still looking like I have a bucket of water running over my face each second!

Even on the occasions whereby it did clear I kept running out of ammo despite killing half a dozen people alongh the way and always got killed by either the guy with the jeep mounted gun or one of those armoured guys standing next to the helicopter?!

I spent an hour at this! Same old shit each timne and quite how they came up with these idiotic ideas that out of the blue completely ruins a game I have no effing idea!

What a bunch of morons!

Well I can assure you that the urge to purchase FarCry 4 the day it is released has evaporated away to nothing. What a load of shite! How in the world did they possibly think this enhances the game?! How in the world did they manage to have their biggest bug in the game happen at not only the hardest point thus far but also the most frustrating and the only point in the game where you have no weapons whatsoever?!

God, I cannot remember a time when I was frustrated with a game. I think I would have to go back to my teenage years which would be 30 years ago!


The weird thing is I read in a magazine, PC gamer I think it was, of how annoying the first section where you get knocked out was but they failed to mention being knocked out a second time?! Nor did they make any remarks about you losing your weapons and your eyesight in a really difficult part of the game?! Oh and I hate it when they give you these time restricted sections too! I just been chucked into a chuffing well with no weapons and I have five minutes to get out, take out several guys, avoid a barrage a snipers then take out several more guys a truck mounted gun, a walking tank and a fecking helicopter?!

I think Crytek are made up of alcholics because they must have been fecking pissed that day?!

I was so incenced at that section I snapped and immediately wanted to come onto my computing blog and rant off about it. I have worked my way through all three of Bethesda's latest titles and not once did I feel the need to rant off.

I think they should give out awards for the dumbest cut scenes and dumbest time restricted sequences. Make them with a ball figure on to represent games so they have a pair of balls!

Grrr son of a #bleep# #bleep# #bleep#!!

I am not going near this game for a bloody week! LOL!


Oooh boy?! I might never be going back to FarCry 3?!

Here is a link to the PC Gamer page that states that "FarCry 3 dishes out cutscene concussions regularly"?! They mean it happens a lot more often?! Err no thanks Crytek!! This was a page talking about how it was a sin to have sections knock out a player for a cut scene ... USE FUCKING RADIOS FOR DIALOGUE!! Or PHONES!!

Jesus Christ, man!

Anyway here is a link ...

Also and using the exact same magazine as an example, as there are precious few on PC gaming these days ... err or only one lol, I am going to post up a link to e review, or preview, to a game I am unfamiliar with called Wasteland 2. I know nothing of this title and its not the kind of title that interests me really, top down view strategy ... err thingy! No the point is that a reviewer that has not really done his homework gets caned in the comments by people who obviously know there stuff!

Now I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again until those that should know better start to know better.

Do your jobs!

Magazines have rocketed in price and I can remember them hitting £2.00 each and thinking that was a great deal. Then they upped a fair bit with the costs of the cover CDs being the excuse. then they did again with the costs of DVDs being the excuse. They they got thinner ... and thinner. Today They have surpassed some books with their cover prices and this is ridiculous!

Once upon a time there was PC Zone ... umm something else or two along with PC Gamer, lol! I definately bought three pc gaming magazines years ago and may have been a fourth. Now their is just one!

Now despite their being just one you will see a comment about how someone used to subscribe to the magazine but wont do it anymore ...

... this only comes down to one thing! Distrust!

I have seen it over and over and over again and I see things written about products that are quite bizarre and sometimes its obvious that they have not fully tested something as they insinuate or are just waxing lyrical to the point that your reaching for a bucket to hurl into?!

I have stated aplenty that reviewers have harped on like banshees about how if your a 'proper' gamer you need to own an Intel CPU that costs twice as much as an AMD APU that has that has a part of the chip which is mean for gaming to be completely useless?! Oh? Right!

Despite the Kaveri version of their APU coming out and much testing done they still harp on about this and yet I realised that in many reviewers it was clear that did not understand the hardware at all. This was because I could see the details from the benchmarks and yet they did not.

For me this came to a head when I saw a guy who has a YouTube channel reviewing PC gear who setup a small form factor PC using an AMD Kaveri and plopped in different graphics cards right up to a R9-290 and even he was surprised at the framerates.

That one video showed me that not only was I correct in my assumptions but that a great many people claiming to know about this stuff were wrong.

Now thisd only occured recently and yet I was not automatically buying magazines like I used to by spotting articles on hardware, or games, I was interested in and walking to the counter to pay. No I started to first thumb through them and if I read the first paragraph or two and they still talk bullshit I put it back and walk away.

Now I am not saying that this reviewer for PC Gamer is guilty of this as like I stated I know nothing of the title they were referring to. But as it was called Wasteland I thought it might be something along the lines of a game called Fallout, of which I have played two titles, but with better graphics and weapons? It is not an first person perspective so it was not. However the reviewer made some references to things being copied from Fallout that it turned out were not. He then tried to defend his remarks and several people corrected him and one even stated that "you do not know what you are talking about".

This is a prime example of those selling something, or someone in power as I talk about on my ever more popular corruption blog, treating the general public like idiots and then speaking to them as such. Like Ombudsman they get chatted up and flattered by those that they are reporting on or items they are reviewing and turn into their bitches, for want of a better term? Lackeys, if you prefer.

What amazes me is it does them no favours whatsoever and in fact they are trading long term profit, or careers, for larger short term gains. Out of these two the former is greater than the latter. Even if they are not guilty of doing this then making wrong statements will make them look like they are at times. In the case of this reviewer the publishers of Fallout are far bigger than that of this Wasteland title and it could be perceived that they are tying to do the Fallout publishers favours by not giving an honest review?

Of course at other times it can be more directly obvious.

Ooh crikey ... nearly forgot the link, lol ... reviewer being panned (just one I came across while searching for Sandboxed, or open world, PC Games coming out sometime soon and not FarCry 4, lol) ...

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