Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Thought it might interest some out there but my gaming had included the title FarCry 3.

This plays rather well on the AMD A10 7850K and at 1080p I only had to drop a couple of settings to medium. I always go for the settings that I think I would notice the least, sometimes I wonder if I would at all?!

Sometimes I do wonder about some of these settings and sometimes I think it's features within the graphics chips themselves rather than anti aliasing being at ever higher rates?

For instance I do not know if games I am playing all using all the features built into the graphics chip integrated into the APU? Yes you can talk about how much faster and higher clocked the fastest graphics chips are but new features within chips, can't remember the damn terms, often take awhile before games coders ... code for them and the game are on the shelves. Maybe they are and maybe the aren't it is these kinds of little details I have lost track of over the last dozen years!

Still this is only me pondering as at the end of the day, or rather August or September, I will add a graphics card to the mix which will likely be a Radeon R9-280? There are rumours of new cards and they are a little overdue this time around? A couple of R9 cards are talked about on the Internet one being the 265 and one the 285. Odd naming of these cards and I expected the first number in the model names of 200 series to be upped to 300 series? I guess not? So the prices should come down and even more so if nVidia release their new graphics chips?

This is partly because I hate sodding around with games settings but mainly because by the time the prices are adjusted the two games I am most ever about week be either out or not far off being released?

These are Star Citizen/Arena Commander, though I think these names will change Lol, and Elite Dangerous. Cannot be long before we start getting the next generation graphics in everything else? Oh yes and there is FarCry 4!

Which has remixed me that I have wandered off the fact I started this about FarCry 3!

I am loving the game though there are some niggles. Oddly the part where I was knocked out by the butt of a rifle was also complained about by a pc magazine, think it was PC Gamer? Also the map could be easier to read or road signs like in Elder Scrolls. The other thing is the way it saves games. My word, sometimes I feel like I can't leave the game for fear of being set back several miles?! Lol!

The world is fantastic, though I think it's a bit gory for kids in paces, and the variety of animals rivals or surpasses that of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim's! There behaviour and movement is also impressive and being someone who spent a life around animals from all over the world I am bout easily impressed.

After the joyous return to gaming that I have had with the two main Bethesda titles, Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and now FarCry I am positively dribbling at the prospect of bigger worlds to roam around in and a greater variety of animals too?! Oh boy!

Also I think that vehicles in games normally let things down and ... well really should have a steering wheel option to use but in this edition of Farcry, I did play the first title ... possibly the second too, they are actually fun to use and useful.

I do find it funny that hang-gliders are lying around on every mountain top for you to use. Some things are clever though like the need to climb the towers to the radio transmitters to turn them on. Also the towers sway in the wind which is a great touch and some of them are in very bad shape. Often you have to do some jumping and grabbing to climb up and if you don't have a head for heights, like me, it makes you feel a bit ... queasy and edgy, lol!

I also seem to be finding new animals every now and then and I also love the fact that when your in the sea the water actually swells. It almost feels like your on a tropical island and admittedly salt the closest I have come to that! Lol, of you discount southern Italy that is?

Looking forward to the next wave of games starting with FarCry 4!

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