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I have probably stated before but I like gaming and in particular PC Gaming.

I have never bought nor owned a console, we used to call them slabs of plastic in the PC industry, but I do enjoy their existence if that makes sense? Sort of! Well I tend to think PC Games would be a lot more worse off if not for the consoles, but that could be wrong?! It also may now be about to be proved quite correct?!

The new generations of consoles are very similar to PCs in their build and design. So much so that 'porting' titles from either console to the PC should soon become a thing of the past?! In said past this would result in very crap looking graphics when on consoles it looked better and any one that knows there stuff would know that the PC has always been more powerful. This might not be strictly true with my curent PC right at this very moment but when said titles come out I have two empty graphics card slots because the graphics I am currently using to play the lstest titles in built onto my AMD A10-7850K processor that have been refered to as APUs and not CPUs by AMD for a couple of years now.

Or in other words I canb plug in one slightly more powerful graphics card for a little over £100 or a very powerful one for a little under double that amount?! But then agin the titles that require this additional power, leaving alone those willng to spend thousands so the frame rates state 90 instead of 50 for this post, have not emerged just yet. So I have the added luxury of waiting, while still having a grewat PC to do other work with, until the pricing comes down in a couple of months time?! Now tell me thats nnot very cool?!

Bottle your arse!

Now one thing I have noted of late is that an old title, that has never been released on consoles previously, has started to re-emerge with a much greater view to ambition. Again, if I am right on that one, it wont or cannot be released on consoles and reading that is why I held off on the graphics card! Now one other thing I forgot to mention is that for around £60 I can get a graphics card that will work in conjunction, dual graphics, with the graphics built into the APU. This would give a 80% average boost in power, which is not shabby I am sure you will agree. However not everything works great with dual graphics and it does vary. Or to put it another way only of benefit to current titles and I only have one installed right now that would benefit and one not installed that would. These are Thief and Crysis 3 and I am not sure that either of them are worth the outlay?

If next gen titles do not scale well with dual graphics then its pointless having it! Buying one single card thats powerful enough removes this problem entirely, however. So I would rather wait until they are released.

This particular title I am referring to is Star Citizen and created by Chris Roberts who was behind the old PC titles called Wing Commander. He was orginally part of an outfit called ... erm Origin and they also did the RPG's called Ultima. Hmm now those coming back would be rather cool too!

Anyhoo I did not realise it was him until I looked up his site and realised that his name seemed familiar and then I remembered. I also read that to help develop the game he started a Kickstarter fund raising ... err project and since its inception it has raised a huge amount of money. In fact there was an article on the PC Gamer website about how the figure rasied had surpassed $50 Million! Yes I kid you not here!

Fifty Million Dollars! Or about £30 Million. Yikes!

Now I have been patiently waiting for a release date since I heard about this title a year ago or so. I then heard another favourite title was coming with Elite Dangerous! Very cool indeed! But despite patiently waiting I have not heard a projected release date and thought I would in this article?

Now the point is that in the comments section someone complains about the exact same thing, though I am not at the complaining stage yet and not likely to be for 6 months yet lol! Then someone else also complains that you get access to certain things for 'X' amount of money and that they were charging funders $350, 0r around £275, for just a certain ship?!

Well despite the fact this was defended I was aghast at this figure! Bit worrying to think that they are going to turn into something that I believe they should bring back flogging for and I am not joking about that, pay to win!!

Never in my life have I seen anything not only so utterly stupid and a complete opposite to the very notion of 'gaming' but also so utterly and obviously pure greed!

I hope that is not what they are doing here?!

Anyway that got me to thinking about this fund raising thing and I think to myself at which point does it become too much? At what point should they stop? Who makes the rules on thigs like this? Suddenly I am thinking abouyt how green with envy that the UK's useless and main three political parties must be at those figures?! Lol!

Then I started to wonder at what point do doners think they have not had their moneys worth? Or feel that they did not receive something worthy of the figures donated?

Now I have this sneaky suspicion that before much longer the house of cards may come falling down? Now those that defended the developers were not thinking clearly as they seem to feel asssured that everyone felt as they did? Do they? Can you, those that defend the developers, be absolutely certain that all the people behind that figure of $50 Million and rising all feel as you do?

More to the point can you be certain that you would be correct one year from now?

The trouble is that when a title is nearing completion you normally get release date estimates banded around? Elite Dangerous, a smilar game but with only 10% of the money that Star Citizen raised and admittedly I am not aware of the time frames either one as been in existence on Kickstarter, is scheduled for later this year of 2014, November I think? Star Citizen has neenm known about for over a year I believe, maybe two? The only release date I see ever given is 2015, which normally means there is no way its out in the first half of that year! Some commenters have remarked, again silly, that its two years away still.

Now if they, and believe me its a wild guess, are correct with the two years figure I cannot help but wonder what the donated amount would be by then?! I also cannot help but wonder just how many people will be complaining by then?!


Well this Kickstarter fund raising thing is new and with anything new you can always be sure that there are a bunch of people somewhere that just did not think things through enough?!


Oddly enough I have an account with Kickstarter and thought about using it to sort of fund my blogs?! I would feel guilty if I received 1% of that which Star Citizen had raised and thought this to be too much?! That, despite spending years already working to collect many tens, hundreds maybe, of gigabytes of secret recordings and videos!

Personally I think what they are doing has sounded very, vewry cool indeed. I just hope to God it does not turn out to be something that is ugly and end up being remembered for all the wrong reasons?!

If you know nothing of this space simulator that has trading, dogfighting and drivel inducing rumours about first person shooting (different planets?!) then do a search on Roberts Space Industries ... oooh bugger it hang on ...

In the meantime to be the Star Citizen you have to have the most wonga.

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