Sunday, 10 August 2014


Well this report came as a surprise and I have to wonder how it took them so long to do it?!

IBM lead a group that worked on a micro chip that mimics the neutrons in a brain! Not doing things anything like the current way,  which has now been around for decades, which is less efficient, this new chip handles memory very differently, they report.

The chip has, in effect, neurons that are computational units which number 256 and all connected to each other. The report incorrectly  states that there are 256 neurons connected to 256 others, would actually be 255 others is there are 256 neurons, lol. Or if connected to 256 others then there would be 257 neurons. However this is simply dizzying to anyone that understands hardware and current chips used in desktops only have around 6 or 8 or in the case of the one I use has 12. Graphics chips however have a much larger number but not interconnected the way the TruNorth, which is it's name by the way, is.

The possibilities on this are endless and I will now be keeping an eye out for developments, provided my own neurons do not fail in what is known as Fibrofog? Lol!

Million neurons on stamp-sized chip

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