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Here is another thing that fascinates me as much as it does horrify me and have me fear to the possibilities!

I have been oddly fascinated that these viruses exist and have eluded our best efforts ...

Well, only the trouble with these viruses is that they orrery in one thing in humans ... being preoccupied with things that can see and are pointless and being behind the times when it comes to science and technology. In fact most things scientific and technological age deemed as being evil and satanic, except when they are using them for their own selfish needs and desires that is.

In fact I have had this weird morbid theory for years now I have mentioned to friends that always seems to remain the only theory.

You see no matter what the human race just can't rise above hatred, murder, power, manipulation one self obsession despite our short life spans?!

Throughout history it always seems to do the same way and whether it is the Aztecs, Mayans and the Romans among others. We never change.

We get civilisation we grow to an unmanageable size and then half wits become more obsessed with power and shafting the people or the world or bending over while someone shafts them and/or their people, a la the British Public! Namely by mostly American tosspots too! I only his the American public see them as tosspots too and if not currently then befit to long before they do too much damage?!

Preoccupied with ever more money and power, back then it would be gold and power, something natural, Mother Nature, comes along and reminds everyone who is boss and reduces the preoccupations of idiot despots into what they are which is trivial, pathetic and a complete waste if time when you have no one left to spend all your cash with?!


This might be about to happen once again?

I must admit though to being surprised that it might be a virus that had been known about for sometime now with Ebola. I thought some new virus would emerge or a strain of Bird-Flu would be the one?

Yes there are many horrific dangers to consider and it had not give unnoticed by me or several petiole I now that two people were thought to have had it here in the UK?! This has never occurred before previously in the UK and it's odd because the reports and rumours all say the same thing, one 'must' have tested negative and the other one they did not bother testing?!

What does this mean? This was extremely vague at best and I saw no naves mentioned. They did not bother testing??

Well did some fruitcake see the news and suddenly decided that they were the first person ever in the UK, or probably a whole long list of countries, to have contracted Ebola?! Oh boy!

I often wonder though to the capabilities of these things because you just do not know how these viruses, regardless of how virulent, spread in other climates ... if at all.

I have been around animals since I was young and have been ever since, much longer than I have computers and I have a Single Honours Degree in the latter!

The animals cover the entire animal kingdom bit primarily involved three areas of reptiles, amphibians and fish. These can come from very cold climates, temperate climate and tropical climates. In the case of Pup Fish these can be extremely hot and hostile environment most, if not all, other life forms could not survive.

Other species also are fussy and even delicate Tree Frogs can require extremely wet and humid environments, like my Milk Frogs (Trachycephalus resinifictrix) which like it very wet or the genius Red Eyed Tree Frogs (Agalychnis callidryas) which like to be very, very dry and you only lightly mist them once at night when it goes dark.

Try to keep either of these the way the opposite species is kept and it will be net with disaster.

I could list hundreds ... no thousands of amphibian species like this and the same with reptiles, though fewer numbers, and also in fish species, in far larger numbers. It's just how it works based on the diversity of each group. Or if there are far greater numbers of directed then the different environments differs more often than not. Plus reptiles do not really exist in cold climates.

I digress!

The point is as you head down the animal kingdom to the more basic and primitive species the numbers increase exponentially as does the requirements. Insects, I am sure anyone at an Entemalogical show would tell you this is at nightmare at times.

As an example their is a species of British Butterfly that become instinct done time ago, the Large Copper Butterfly. Sometime ago they tried to reintroduce them using Butterflies from Holland, same species more or less, but it failed. Funny story about someone I know boldly cladding they saw one in their garden and then to try and convince ask the experts they were related to they was wrong went looking for agreement at the Annual Entemological Show, got told by lots of professionals that this person must be mistaken until they found one that was involved in the reintroduction and have him some false hope, poor guy! Those that accompanied this person all knew what they would do at the show and all vanished for fear of cringing embarrassment and headed fur all the furthest corners of the show.

If you had not guessed it I was one of that group, thigh I am hardly an expert on the subject of Butterflies and Moths, though the two brothers I was with are. They are heavily into insects but also into the things that interest me too!

So it's a nightmare unless you have been around all this a long time!

Even so biological viruses are a completely different world and I could be completely barking up the wrong tree? Then of course there are the times of the year that are the seasons, in that in the summer months that are the northern hemisphere the climates are much closer in similarity so the odds of it spreading are greatly reduced. This will be from April to September with sine variation in the northern half of the world in the temperate zones, that have seasons.

So if Ebola spreads further afield in Africa this week increase the chances but if still confined to Africa those changes will be reduced come October. Possibly?!

Of course after October the southern hemisphere tilts towards the sun and enters their summer months so the chances are vastly increased for them! There are not many nations that have seasons in the summer hemisphere and likely not many outside southern Argentina and Chile. Australia is warm to hot all year round so bit good for them but then they have a large portions of mostly dry climates. Not sure about Tasmania and oh my word would I want to go there and study the wildlife!

Had this theory for years about the evolution of animals which starts at Antarctica then seems to them nice to Australia, through Asia to Africa and then the Americas based on how evolved the animals are. This is across the board too from Fish to Amphibians and from Reptiles to even Mammals!

I think Antarctica ended up at the South Pole, which was not always the South Pole ... magnetically anyway, after a period of continental shift, or crust displacement (theory of Albert Einstein). I think animals first evolved their and spread to Austrasia and on to Asia before reaching Africa and then America. Leaving Antarctica alone, until enough fossils are discovered, researched and fully understood, the animals in Australia are primitive and mammals not evolved a womb, hence the marsupials.

Jump straight to South America and there are Tree Frogs that are marsupials but not abonafide proof, just an example.

The Red Eyed Tree Frog can live in very dry atmospheres and is South American.

The Poison Arrow Frogs that used chemicals in the termites they consume too produce deadly skin toxins are from South America. Frogs that are the closest looking to them are the Mantellas of Madagascar are not anywhere near as toxic as the Dendrobates of South America. Of course Madagascar is about half way from Australia and South East Asia to South America. South America itself had been steadily moving away from the African continent due to a rift in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So a long time ago they were a lot closer together and of course if you go far enough back in time it was one big land mass called Pangea.

What I for one have been interested to find out, or rather have other people find out, is what the animal kingdom was like when Pangea existed? There are always build claims by scientists wanting to make a name for themselves, so bit really scientists in my eyes, that will have a theory and argue like hell to be correct even when the facts emerging are going against long held theories.

So yeah I have been around this stuff a long time ... a very long time! It is also not all that I am into either but those inquisitive among you have likely seen the other blogs and all umm 11 subjects and I don't cover all of the ones I would like to.

Any way you get the idea by now, hopefully? I am inquisitive and anything out of the ordinary or with complex models interests me and non more so than Astronomy and Astrophysics. Hopefully get around to that one in greater depth before very long?!

Still I will be paying close attention now to the Ebola virus reports and despite the fact that my theory about mankind and it's obsessions I doggedly stick to let's hope I am wrong?! At least this time around anyway!

After all I do not want to have to get in the phone daily or in a coach or train, huh on the fecking money they give to to scrapie by on, to steer my daughter and grandchildren through yet another disaster?!

I am still steering then through the current one that involved the Merseyside Police bullying, intimidating, lying, neglecting and breaking the law asking with Wirral Council and they Social Workers Department doing the same and covering up some really, really dreadful incompetence and ignorance.

Currently they are still attempting to cover to their failures and it stinky will not do them any good.

In fact quite the opposite because like so many others they failed to realise that in setting up what I did, setting to them, starting my blog then staying under the radar I fully intended to have them all not only bang to rights, don't care what they think they have tied to with courts and media as it won't make any difference, but that the longer it goes in then the worst it will be!

You would think that just one of them will actually raise this and give up while holding their hands up?

Unless of course the perpetrators of each of these are convinced that they wok escape Scott free?!

But then this is what I not only knew would take place but was relying on because I do not want the most guilty to get away untouched! Oooh no, far from it. The amount of time I have been at this has allowed me the time I need to show the British public that they have only ever been provided with pawns that have been thrown onto their own swords forcefully.

I then stinky had to continue until I had not only reached enough people but they other groups, like that of UK Column ( and others, to also get the message out to enough people. Of course many would be just considered mad conspiracy theorists and I did not want that, even though I had no idea that the corruption would be in all public services and on every level and in all the related Omdurman too!

So I decided that the only way and with no Ombudsman doing anything and ask the TV News media groups along with tabloids going out if their ways to avoid covering these stories I had to get proof, incontrovertible proof.

Of course the other mistake they make us being narrow minded and tunnel visioned because they still think of national when they think of the Internet. I don't!

The plan was that this blog and my findings would be picked up by foreign news media groups that simply do not like our government or worse!

When foreign news media groups then start reporting or just reposting my blog then things become untenable before long and if the British public are being naive or did obsessed then someone else will explain that they have actually done themselves a far greater injustice BT being self obsessed.

Life gets better when the shit stops which it will when you have told enough people know about the evidence contained within these posts.

It's no longer an illusion when everyone knows how the trick is done!

That is quite simply the basic theory behind what I do!

1 Try to be as honest and make things as obvious as I can

2 This will lead people to make lists of the best evidence (read downloads) and show others and repost these collected links.

3 Covering every single public service asking with private companies should attract a vastly broad spectrum of the populace?!

That was just the simple rules for the British Public. Of curse as the numbers grew then the chances were that I and my endeavours and evidence would be discovered by people and news groups outside of the UK?

In so doing I thought I would create something akin to a virus? Not a biological virus maybe or indeed a digital virus but something that behaved like a virus. I had thought it works grow exponentially in the beginning using the power of two so like computers. So like 1 and then 2, 4, 8, 16 and so on doubling up each time with the theory that each reader would tell two others about it on average.

That was what I based things on in the beginning and if a dancing baby can do it or silly and even sick videos then evidence revealing that amidst all GPs are knowingly lying to their patients at the request of those in loftier positions and without much encouragement this alone would go viral?!

It did not go as fast as I thought it has to be said.

This was even stranger when you consider just how many public services and retail outlets I covered and for how long?

But no!

Of course there were many other factors too and as I mentioned on my Facebook account today a number if petiole that think they are smarter than they actually are frowned upon my endeavours and even laughed about it behind my back. They never ever learned that there is no such place as behind my back or that his frustrating it was that I knew that not only was it egos that were speaking these things but that it was coming from people had zero understanding not qualifications of any kind in either mathematics, psychology or computing but student run they are not knowledgeable in all three subjects than I am, lol.

Little do they know of those that have turned around and stated that they are under no illusion about what I am trying to achieve and fully believe that I will! One did this today and he works in a pharmacy currently and wanted to be a Doctor but now in the Police. He stated he knew and will it was all corrupt and the Police get a worse name with each week that goes by. He also stated it was largely to do with me and sees this now!

I told him not to worry as if he wants to go this route the chances are that I will change things and make things better.

After all much of it is out and the rest is already in the public domain for those that know or can be bothered to look.

One thing is for sure that many need to know ...

It won't get better by ignoring it nor allowing your ego to fell deflated and become jealous over the achievements of others.

I always complain about this because it's never really affected me!

I do boot have the attitude that I'm the sheerest man on Earth because I am not. As for being smarter than many around me then yes this may well be true and many are jealous but I do bit want bite like things this way!

Any leaning towards this ... theory to battle against me would also be a waste of time because I have started what I feel and want in this bog enough times in little jibes when I am fed up, which is indeed the key thing in all this ...

... I do get fed up at times and I get bored ... too bloody much for my liking and it drives me insane!

I have stated about moving to a new home and joked about who would take me?

I have also mentioned about what I would not give to be around like minded people. Many subjects and interests I have no one to disk to with the same interests. Some I do but many I do not and though I have sine with a passing interest I know if I started taking about what I knew and theorised on there eyeballs would explode!

Reptiles and amphibians I have a couple of people into both these things, there are others but they have ego issues I am afraid and live to make little jokes they think I don't realise had a more sinister truth to them.

Yet move along a little to Fish or Orchids and there is no one and the same is true for Astrophysics and Computing despite the later having many different sections to it, hundreds and possibly thousands in fact! Yes almost everyone I know uses them but not very well and there is a constant stream or failed laptops that collect in my house but if I started speaking about CPUs, Graphics chips, SSD, HDDs or indeed any other parts of computers and their eyes weighs glaze over. Anything being 60 characters of Twitter, or whatever it is, and Facebook gossip and they went to their themselves of the nearest bridge!

I despair over these things I really do!

There are other the I used to be into that I could again that would involve doing something with one mate but that takes money and he has never asked anyway.

I could join clubs but that indices travelling ... often very far too!

As for forums ... must don't. Don't even go there! These seem to bring it something else in people. Armchair experts who like to make themselves into a greater fountain of knowledge than they actually are who then decide that every newcomer that comes along is a pleb, fish out of water newbie, who knows nothing and being in the forum longer means you can talk down to them or get power trippy because they can state libelous things or have access to the ban button if the are losing an argument.

The funny thing is that the vast majority of these idiots are themselves the newbies and the over in possession of very little knowledge because I was doing all this over ten years ago how long befit smart phones and most not even surfed the Internet.

It is not restricted to the Internet either and in animals you get people that have had a beginners snake, lizard, community aquarium or easy to keep amphibians fur five minutes and suddenly they wax lyrical about their fountain of knowledge!

Now outside of my blogs what you would find with me, or in other words what normally happens, is that anyone knew that comes along and chats to people in front of me pay little attention to me. After about 6 months and as many chats where I get drawn in they often then to the people that have known me a long time and say ...

Your mate ... he knows a lot more than he let's on?!

To which they then normally get an explanation as to why and yes I don't go around waving my own flags.

I do on here however it had to be said ... but that's not to boast to the people I am trying to help or educate! Did you never figure that bit out then?! It is really quite simple once explained ...

It was to scare the living crap out of those I attached as they no doubt made that some old mistake and passed me off as just a mischievous trouble maker or not as big a threat as I sounded in the argument, letter or email!

I did explain, albeit not entirely, that I had to be all things to all people and that of course meant the bad guys!

I did start this with the intentions of winning and I had to do this by any means necessary. This normally means there is only one way and I always maintain there is one truth.

People, some close to me, have waxed lyrical ... no actually screened blue bloody murder that everyone had a right to an opinion! Some just say this. But I always stated that the country was heading down the drain, peoples kids were at stake and I never intended to start up a debate as I hate these, the government and Local Councils mice doing this forever and a day!

I wanted to change things, not spend several years arguing with people on hire to do this or the right way of doing this! Despite peoples feelings about what I did and how I went about things this was the only way! Love it or hate it this was the sad fact. I knew this before I even started blogging. It's why I chose a blog.

Hopefully I would eventually cover just about everything? In so don't helping just about everyone?

Because there is one thing that for me was the greatest nightmare if all during my twenty years if living hell? Despite all the symptoms and the horrid things forced upon me there was one thing that compounded everything, one thing that city's Jeff you into wanting it all to end. Made you want to ditch the ultimate switch to turn it all off? It is that switch that the Ebola virus works also wanted to switch off ...

Not knowing!

When things are happening to you or having this fine to you by others or requesting help and not getting it, from the DWP/NHS/COUNCIL, it can be incredibly frustrating, depressing ultimately anxiety inducing which is itself a date wise than death.

Death suddenly becomes a more appealing option!

This blog was intended to counter these failings of all the public services and primarily those three.

But with my experiences I could help those who have been, or indeed currently are, victims of any others because they are too selfish, seeks obsessed or don't seem you important enough to know the truth! It hurts not knowing and this might seem a laughable statement but trust me that if you're in the beginning of something and it's forced to continue on it will in time.

Of course having one thing getting you down due a long time increases the chances that this will be joined by another ... and another and so on and so forth!

This is where those that do bit so there job and think nothing if it because they think it's just a simple solitary thing she they're narrow mindedness and incompetence.

This blog also serves to show these idiots, more averse than the average naive members if the public to accept the truth or indeed being wrong, that there one little ... indiscretion is part of a much bigger plot that they themselves are pawns in that are running lives and at times costing them!

Now I have out this statement ... out there ... now you can see how I  work? This statement has now been made. There are enough people already that are aware of this blog and that will increase a great deal in the 6 months after mid August, 2014. It will be reposted elsewhere too and not everyone has access to the Internet, some do not want it at all and that is there choice. But more and more people will talk and mitre and more people will know of this blog. I can assure you that there is how a growing number if health professionals bow finding it about this blog naff some if the reasons could turn it to be funny, like the powers that be at the NHS are now crapping in their pants for instance?

So over time from here on in the excuses that they were blind to it all or had no idea they were pawns in a much bigger, darker and sinister plan to make peoples lives a living nightmare so that some yanks get to buy up the NHS, DWP, Councils who caused the new in the first place so that they can make money they have lost view across the pond?!

What will happen next is there will be an ever growing number or what I can true Doctors will air the voices, band together and say no!

That that do not would be best avoided when it comes to registration and at all costs because the health and welfare of people is not their primary concern, money and/or power is. Without question!

It has been an extremely long road to get to the point! I should not have had to buy I have had to bitch, argue, scream, threaten and then manipulate into a corner to make them are there is no way out ... unless I have it to them of course.

Will I think I just did and I have now shown that they themselves have been pawns and made to look very stupid as well as facing a great deal of responsibility for the destruction of lives that they were manifested themselves into actually doing!

Now we have this run to to the General Election and it will be the most exciting as well as the most interesting run up to an election that I have witnessed my entire life, bar none.

This blog will make sure of this!

Ebola spreading too fast - WHO

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