Sunday, 4 May 2014


I saw this report a couple of days ago somewhere else and thought it was a typo or something?

Surely the technology journalists cannot be that bloody stupid?! Hmm on second thought...

I am afraid to have to point out to these journalists that Internet Explorer and Windows XP are very separate things!!

You were posting attention over their being fine for including Internet Explorer on a Windows installation and not their rivals?! Lmao!

Quite how this made the news with everything wide that due not I just don't know!

Quite his they made the mistake of being surprised that a separate piece of software installed on Windows XP is to get an update?! Saints preserve us!!

Of you are going to report about all the software that will get updates while being installed on Windows XP you need to rearrange your app because there won't be space for anything else!

When I first glimpsed this I thought they must have made a mistake and many XP gets an update?! No, it was worse than that!

Oh how is tech people cry out for decent tech journalism! I just resided the only one I pay attention to are two chaps on Canada. The Tech ... Err something, Lol. They are followed by me, subscribed to I should say, on YouTube! I also have realised I have not had a notification so not watched a report by them for quite sometime now!

I need to look into this.

Windows XP users to get Explorer fix

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