Thursday, 8 May 2014


After a bloody annoying screen blackout that kept occurring while playing Fallout New Vegas I ended up doing something I swore I would not do. I even said as much to somoene earlier the same day.

I dismantled my laptop.

I figured there was a chance it was likely down to dust or something stupid, turned out to be someone stupid and dishonest.

The be more accurate it was a company. I shall explain...

I have had this lapstop for two years and is a HP Pavilion DV7. I bought it as an ex demo, as this is what they told me, and it later turned out to be refurbished. I noticed this little fact when I pulled the receipt out as the hard drive had just failed and then clearly understood why I had, had my first ever hard drive fail along with the dent in the lid!

Basically I was completely ripped off by PC World, who like so many others I have had issues with with other devices as have people I know. It gets worse...

When it went in to be repaired it was supposed to have the left hinge repaired as it had seized, the guys told me they would not fix that and I said well thanks for warning me as if they refuse they can give me my money back. They actually asked why and I said without a hinge its merely a grossly underpwoered and obverpriced PC and I would rather have a deskptop. No hinge working and it renders its portability impossible and I am surprised I would have to explain this!

I made sure their DONTKNOWHOW team was aware of this fact and I got the laptop back being informed it was done along with the hard disk replacement. Luckily for them I did not use my laptop anywhere other than at home and it was ages before I realised they had not replaced the hinge asd so much time had passed by that it would have ended up in a heated argument despite being ripped off and when I know I have had immoral things done against me and expecially fraud or physical the anger and use of long sarcastic words can be accmpanied by a want to be physical to. Being a resposible human being, unlike tyhose that think that lies and fraud  and leaving you with years of pain in various places is OK but physical violence, just anger or bad language is not, oh I forgot diagreeing with them that is a new one, I thought it better to stay off the front pages. Plus if someone takes a swing at me I do have a tendency to bkack out only to come to and realise I have done a great deal of damage. Admittedly the situation does have to be extreme but any situation involving conflicting opinions where mine or solely fact and truth and ... well it wont end well as I just see the person before me as being evil, amoral and criminal. Not a good scenario.

Fast forward to present day, about two years, and I have my laptop apart, except just as I feared, I could not figure out quite how to seperate the motherboard from the casing, despite the thirty small black identical screws, six wide headed silver ones and two identical in size and shape but black?!?!

Now knowing the proper procedure I did not want to damage anything thus completely destroyinh the laptop altogether? I am sure thay make them deliberately hard to get into so you go into PC World or whatever store and pay money for a bunch of Chimpanzees on spliffs to screw around with it?

I managed to get the corner apart where the heatsink and fan was luckly in close proximity to. I managed to get a flat brush inside and got between the heastsinks fins as well as the blades on the fan. Now I have NO IDEA as to which of the main two processor chips the heatsink and fan were cooling. I did not notice any dust coming out of the tiny gaps between the heatsinks fins. There was some dust on the baldes of the fan but nothings that should have caused a problem, still I managed to get it all off.

Now I then decided that was the best I could achieve when suddenly I realised something! The heatsink and fan were millimetres away from the very hinge that spent the last two years pulling the case apart!! Despite the fact that I only had a half inch gap to deal with I noticed this. Now here is the frustrating part that only maes PC World and its IDIOT TEAM look all the more incompetent! No ifs and no buts ... IDIOTS!

All they actually did was undo the casing on the bottom and put in a new hard drive and did not take cate casing off at all! Plrus when I handed it over to them they forgot to have it picked up and it was two weeks I went without it! Two weeks for a pipss ant job I could have done myseelf and they could have just posted me the damned hard drive the blithering morons!!!

Now remember I have a Tablet PC thats come back and all they have done to that is rest the fucking thing to how it was when I bought it and the typing issue and the memory card issue are not only STILL THERE bout the former problem has got worse making typing impossible!!!

Pay peanits you get fecking chimps!!! My bloody god what a bunch of incompetent twats they really are!!!

Anyway how about a set of pictires showing you all this and where I am talking about? Oh and despite thinking that what I did made a difference the laptop was so silent when it came on I thought I had pulled out the fan lead?! But here is the weird thing ... I HAD NOT!!!

Not only is it working again but it is working better, noise wise, than it did when I bought it?! I was REALLY convinced it was going to overheat and cook the processor ... until the fan eventually came on and even so at a low RPM?! Even right now its eerie as I am so used to listening to the fan but I hear nothing!

AS soon as I switch on I hear it!

So ... this is what I think has occured, due to the close proximity of the parting case and the fucking idiots that make monkeys look like Charles Darwin down at PC Worlds KNowhow team I think something got sucked inside, or something was loose inside and got jammed?!

I am willing to lay money that it was a loose object probably stemming from the same thing that caused the hard rive to fail and also the dent on the lid! It was dropped and the idiots did not know. I do not work at PC World, fortunately, or the KNowhow team but if someone walked in my house with this model and was making noise I would immediately know where to look and solve the problem.

So what are these blithering idiots think they are doing?

Oooh are they going to get one hell of a ticking off from me and I can assure you I will use lower to the level of some name calling, all the ones I use here I assure you of that!

Just cannot take anyone's word for anything anymore and after the fiasco with Nikon along with that went on with Olympus, I dare say others have some stories too, you cannot trust the manufacturers!

Anyway some pictures and a video or two ...

The case corner where the seized hinge is located and the ... damage it caused my thumb is resting on the heatsink, any dummy would look at this and realise that the hinge being seized will likely cause problems in time.

Eventually I can see the fan and heatsink, this is the fan.

All the screws I removed. There were some left over when I put it back together?! Weellllllll you always get a few things left over?! LMAO!

... and it still works!!

.. in fact it works better?! Must have been those few screws?!?! LOL, I am joiking of course!

Bloody Mess video ...

Silent Runnings video ...

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