Tuesday, 20 May 2014


As I recently stated I used to get regular emails from two Canadian guys I used to enjoy listening too regarding their views.

Now when they started they were pushing to get so many subscribers and faster than they expected they reached this goal, with myself being one and I rarely subscribe, or follow for that matter.

I realised lately I had not been sent any videos about them and I just went and checked out why this was. I found this iveo of the two if them apologising that they had not done any videos lately and that reviewing everything and metting up once a week to do a show is not longer feasable? On the video they state that the will cut out the news portion of the videos but continue on doing reviewing and unboxing. They even make remarks of everyone leaving comments as to why they have not reviewed Mantle on the new AMD APUs!

This was something that made me realise I had not been getting any notofications of new videos from them.

Now they state they would continue doing reviews on things going forward but did not really explain why it had become so hard but I am guessing jobs and money.

But yet with the number of people that watch their videos along with the number of subscribers they have I find this fact astonishing! Other then a guy I watched recently they were the only guys whose reviews of computing equipment I liked, ncause they were honest about it. Even the disappointing bulldozer release you could tell they were honestly disappointed and not really happy that they can cane the product as seem to be the case everywhere else I looked. Some being realy pratts about it too because being like that gets you nothing, absolutely nothing.

Well the recent news report we received here in the UK about Google's Ads being crap must be true because the video I am linking in here I just flicked back to check its post date and it is from October 2013?! I decided this could not be correct because they mentioned Mantle and I am pretty sure it was not known about then and you certainly could not have reviewed it.

Another check has all the stunned remarks from fans and followers kisted as being three weeks ago. There is one commenter that seems to think that they wont be back and another stating they knew something was wrong"

I must admit it all does seem a bit...weird.

The odd thing is that I was well aware that before I started my very first blog on corruption that before long you start drawing more and more attention. After awhile you will end up getting offers flood in from others and I am sure thats why many people perform videos on YouTube.

I keep telling people this regarding my blog and YouTube account and yet it did not really sink in. Oh but I can assure you it is sinking in now and over the coming months chins will be dragging around on the floor!

Now I was following these guys I think before I started my first blog and they gre faster than I did. But then they had a popular subject and a good style so was bound to happen. What has happened of late I do not know. They made it sound like they lived 500 miles apart all of a sudden and I could not help but wonder if one of them had been offered a position in PR by a company whose products they used to review?

Of course if one was offered this and not the other it was likely that over time this might cause a little tension but then the remaining one should have continued on with the show on his own, many others do.

For the first time ever something is disappearing from the Internet that I will miss. A sghame and a mystery of sorts.


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