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In all my researching of computer games of late, and being out of gaming for several years and had not discovered RPGs last time around the were... are a lot of them to work through, some were exciting to begin with then... not.

In older titles this is usually down to bad customer reviews. In titles bit yet released this is down to hype, or more precisely over-hyped.

Hype is often stated, at least I think, by the publishing companies and the oby train they are there in all honesty. Yes they may bang on to the software house about how much advertising costs and his much they need it to get their large share of the profits and dog the software houses to rush games.

Today there is little need for them and in all honesty probably do note harm than good. Sometimes they are a little more subtle and simply show you a running game in all its graphical splendour. They may do a few remarks and then the fans do the rest.

One particular title which is a very good example is Watch Dogs. I was very interested in this title and the pictures looked out of this world. Now I have this odd thing about not liking third person perspective games, or used to have, but seem to have gotten over this with a couple of very good titles. Mass Effect did the third person particularly well I thought. So did Sleeping Dogs but I like the ones that were over the shoulder and then change to first person or target view on pressing the right mouse button.

Watch Dogs got released and within a short space of time there were strange rumblings among gamers. First off all the graphics were not the same as those shown at one of the big events. I did read some complaints about it being short and that was an old complaint of mine.

I went off the idea of getting the game but today I saw this report about the title selling in figures that made no sense. In the first three months the game sold a whopping 8 million. In the following three months it sold 9 million?! I have to admit to reading it wrong and thinking it only sold 1 million. Lol. Now it is entirely possible that it could have gone on sale in more countries in the second the months. Not sure how but I guess some would have needed to be 'toned down' maybe to meet certain certifications to do with violence and sex? Still even so it's still peculiar. If not its downright had scratching!

I was totally put off after being completely on board. I know that I most certainly was not alone. I find this quite bizarre and wonder if this happens all the time? On the other hand I think of Tesco Supermarket in the UK who have been making it the company is taking me than it did. Someone I know right this was down to embezzling but I can't see that. I think it s note to do with seeking the company and ripping another rip off company. Well what goes around comes around and the only people to give a shit about that are the rich people, solicitors and news media because they are household names. Good God when will the media learn?

Oh well wait, people do like these reality show based upon supposed talent? Hmm maybe I have been looking at some things all wrong?

I personally find it completely bizarre and when I use words like 'bizarre' it is because I cannot think of a realistic reason. Hence 'bizarre'.

Still maybe there is some plausible reason this has occurred.

When I talk about people with... 'odd views' I can state that I remembered a webpage tonight speaking about a title I now am currently playing but has since issues.

This is Sleeping Dogs and oh my word I cannot explain how much I love this on so many levels. But it was obvious from my early moments that something was amiss. It actually ruined the early moments of the game and I thought it was going to be unplayable. The control was slow, clunky and unresponsive and I was heartbroken at looking at the visuals and knowing it had martial arts, I've trained a fair deal in Wing Chun Kung Fu, in it and at in Hong Kong, a place I have wanted to go for years along with Foshan.

I searched the Internet for tips, solutions or whether there was an update that solved the issue. I stumbled across a website with a few other pc gamers complaining about the same thing. But then another bunch of pc gamers, console gamers I expect it from, telling the guy he should be thankful they bought it to the PC and that he was unreasonable to expect then to re-write the game for the PC to take advantage of the mouse and the keyboard. When he stated that the mouse and keyboard were superior controllers than gamepads some actually disagreed with him?! Umm... no.... just, NO!

To be honest I thought they were console owners making these statements and not very bright ones at that?! Let's take a look at what's wrong with these statements...

1 So it's not financially rewarding to rewrite the controller post of code for the PC? Let us say that they sell 6 million in each platform? So a small rewrite of the code for control is bit worth another six million or more in sales? Dumb-arses.

2 These people are showing that they do not give a shit about their customers and YOUR defending then?! Are you for real?

The poster on that forum was right in stating it was laziness. I turned up the mouse sensitivity in game but it did nothing. So I went back into settings and found the sensitivity had reset itself? Odd.

However my particular mouse, Logitech G602, has on board buttons to adjust the DPI and that seemed to make enough of a difference. Happy Days!

I also have to state that this was the first time I bought a title that I actually thought I would have to buy a Gamepad to pay it? That had never happened before outside of FIFA, umm that other famous football title I had on the Playstation Portable? Yes I owned A Playstation! Just the one mind and I have to admit to having a passing interest in the Vita. Yes, I said that too! Lol. But then I never really travel or go far enough away or long enough to use one. However now that I think about it I do think it might have been more sensible to have gone for the Vita than the Advent Tegra Note I currently have! Hmm if I could like up my not so good Gamepad to it but more importantly if I could link my portable fold up keyboard to it. Oh no, now I cannot stop thinking about that now? Lol.

Due to unforeseen... financial circumstances I have still to finish my PC and still have... errm, two posts to get, ooh no three. Well I silk have to test my racing wheel to see if it works normally again? That might sound weird but the wheel only played up when Microsft realised I had an unlicensed copy of Windows and that played up too. Not installed it since they sent me an official copy. So have my fingers crossed I don't need one! Especially as the reviewers out there do not have a good word to say about one, consistently anyway, outside of the Logitech G27. I am really disappointed in Thrustmaster as many years ago they were synonymous with quality. This is true up to £100 and over that it jumps to £200 and then another £150 or more, more for the next model which is the GT500 I think it's called. Bummer.

So yeah I want mine to be still operational. Otherwise it came from PC World and did not last a completion of a single title, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Mine is the Ferrari GT Experience.

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