Sunday, 26 October 2014


OK, I will admit it. I have played the above title a great deal. I played in and got into it in a big way, though I have to admit to using it mainly to get my mind of a health problem. One that has been doggedly stubborn for a few months, like hell on Earth of late and may turn out to be something serious.

So yeah when the pain was too bad no computer but inbetween these bouts while waiting for paramedics and Doctors and the like I used it as a distraction.

It was sson to become a frustration thought this is no fault to the game or the players...err, mostly!

First of all, just in case any that visit here are gamers that ended up in games with me, sorry but I have only logged several hours. So I do not know the system or the maps just yet and only appear to be three of them currently.

Second of all, for those I fought alongside who might have become frustrated at times due to my low score at the end, not really my fault. I noted that as I got used to the system, controls, play and buttons my scores in a match grew pretty rapidly. One guy noticed that by puitting me in his clan and making me an officer in my first night! However as I levelled up I had to be more the professional making use of cover and such. But I noticed two things here ... one is that sometimes I did poorly things were a little I was explaining to a brother on the phone earlier into games that sometimes I would fire off a load of bullets toi keep someone pinned down who would pop up just after I went back into cover, ergo by releasing the space bar. Nice idea that release the space bar and your back in cover. Only thing is that quite often after I did I would then die?!

So let go of the space bar, back in crouching behind a wall where I should be safe but then getting shot somehow through a three foot wall?!

Oddly I thought when the game was running smoothly this meant my connection was fine. It seems not and I can only put this down to a lag problem.

Still after playing for two and a bit evenings I am at level 17 Recon. So getting there. Slowly.

Also I have noticed many other people have a hell of a lot of and the prices they charge are silly. Though I would rather not play like this myself and do it all from skill and nothing more.

I noticed looking around that this game used to be called, or so it appears, Ghost Recon Online.

I have been able to start up my own clan but this is the first time I have really played an online game, lately anyway and I do not count that very bried interlude with Dead Island Riptide because it was extremely brief!

So not sure yet what conclusions I am going to come to over this and whether or not gaming online can be reliably good on a mobile broadband connection.

I kept the Ghost Recon Phantoms as I was interested to see what my connection could manage. Yes years ago I played Quake 3 Arena against a single solitary player, of the young oik variety, who was running around killing me and I could not even see him in the room! This turned out to be down to the differences in our connections with his being the fast, at the time, 128k DSL and mine being a mere 56k dial up!

Unfortunately there still exists today huge differences in the size of your connection and thisd is really not fair, wqell that is if 2MB, 8MB and higher will make differences in online gaming that is unfair. That is thie part I am not sure about just yet.

My name on the Ghost Recon Phantoms is allnights, just in case any come wandering onto here that play this title.

Also I am waiting for a slot to appear while I am typing this out which reminds me that sometimes I can be slotted into games on some nights one after the other. But other nights I end up not finding games and this goes on for an unsuially long time! As I picked up my copy, or indeed without a copy, in the Game Store here in the UK you would be forgiven for thinking that there are loads of players, even locally.

I have no idea whatsoever if there is a feature to find out about this.

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