Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Oh dear!

I was looking around to see if there were any decently made and reliable racing wheels in case I need to replace mine, annoyingly had just bought a damn stand for it when it played up.

While looking around I found this mad website that stated that the Playstation 4 has a chip inside it so that you have to buy new peripherals with a security chip inside to work?!

What the bloody hell?!

They give some excuse about polling rate but that is complete bullshit I am afraid, especially on new hardware, what are they incompetent?!

They just never change! Bloody glad I never bought one I would be furious! So if you have an expensive device you was using on your PS3 then it won't work on the PS4?!

It states that some, I imagine many, owners have not been too pleased and who could blame them?!

Apparently this was discovered with the release of PS4 and I think someone tried to use a Logitech G27 Wheel? Oh they were only over £220 to buy in the UK and the ones available to use are two low quality Thrustmaster models no one likes!

I don't even know what happened to Thrustmaster?! They have fallen so far from grace it is unbelievable and instead of only looking at Thrustmaster I look at everything else but Thrustmaster now!

It is funny as the last generation was so over hyped but absolute shite it's not true, I am now reading developers statements about how crap and difficult it was to code for the PS3 yet is cell chip was supposed to be the bees knees?! Then there were three people buying second hand ones and trusting Sony by allowing updates only to discover their Blu-Ray drives not working and then that Sony uploaded software to their machine that detected it s previously jailbroken and wrecked the drive in an extremely childish and underhanded manner and obviously only see your hard earned cash you have them as RENT for the privilege of using their substandard hardware?!

Now they are at it all over again and once again rather incompetently, or don't care and do it because they can, placed hardware inside akin to posting a big sign saying "Screw You?! We are about to!!"

Going at things longer than Apple, Sony remind me why a brand I loved so much a long time ago have fallen out of favour with me. It is a shame that gamers do not have more scruples and will power to not give them money to teach them a lesson?!

I would have bought a Sony 4K TV in 2015 but I think I will go elsewhere? Panasonic maybe this time? Possibly with the camera too? Hmm I will see if and when the time comes. There is a Lumix camera I like with a 63x zoom I think it was?

They just cannot help themselves can they these companies? They start of small and humble and moaning about being bullied by the big companies and yet once they attain a certain size they themselves turn into another devil incarnate!

Probably why we have stagnated in the last decade or two.


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