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Well I am now reading one hand if the news I was electing the lady couple of months from AMD. Jim Keller returned to the fold to design the next generation architecture a little after Bulldozer was first released.

Sorry air the pun in the title but there were snippets of info regarding their combined x86 and ARM chip along with the sole x86 design code named 'Zen' at AMD.

Zen? What a cool name, they should use that!

First of the first Bulldozer chips were a little disappointing but all the hate was way over the top. I liked a remark made recently in a webpage, think it was WCCFTECH but maybe PC Games, that something like 'Oh finally, AMD can now make a chip that runs ten year old games at decent frame rates!'

Oh how I roared at that one, simply classic and to the point. I sad all along that to much was made out of all this and it was utter rubbish most of the time. There is someone trolling AMD in the link below and I am sure it is the same old one that guess over the top while making no arguments whatsoever?

Yes I originally wanted an FX8150 when it was about to come out but put it off. Waiting was not really under my control anyway and two architecture updates later and I build a PC. I skipped Bulldozer and piledriver and ended up with Steamroller in the Kaveri APU. Yes they dropped the clock frequency but, well you can change that and I did. I word have preferred 6 cores and a little higher frequency in both halves out of the box but it does a commendable job and the fact is all on one slither of silicon with 4 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores is simply stunning and that  is what I like to buy into. Thinking outside the box not resting on your laurels with one fat cow parked in front of you is what I like to see, it's why AMD broke away from Intel in the first place. Umm you do know your silicon history, right? Lol.

Interestingly is that it mentions an expected date in 2016?! That is far away but more importantly is that it is very unusual for AMD to be so calm about next architecture news and so upfront about what went before. For something that we are not going to see for over a year from now is very out of character for them.

This is good and I was worried about how they acted, and a certain JF-AMD who was claiming things he fluid not back up being the wrong thing to do.

People want to discover for themselves what they think and not be told to think the way a corporation wants them too. Is this attitude why we have so many fanboys out there and why they act the way they do. The funniest thing is their site of naivety at some of the things they cling to no matter what. They think that because a generation and their updates have not overtaken their rivals this means they are generations behind and always will be? No, you cannot possibly know this. Staying this is nothing more than edging your bets based on a tiny window in the history of the silicon chip.

Often the creators and manufactured simply do not know until all testing had been done. So anyone that stars otherwise is a native idiot. Always. Besides that they are not a million light years behind as some would have you believe and Intel has the jump on the lithography anyway.

Lastly I cannot see AMD having nothing new between now and 2016, leaving my A10-7850K being their flagship APU? Especially as the litigating mentioned was going from 16nm to 14nm I think it stated and no mention of 20nm or 22nm.

Also the next Radeon cards must be mere weeks away from having details and benchmarks released? An Excavator APU with a significant jump in clock frequency, two more cores on either half withe have me altering my next purchases. A six CPU core APU with a GPU that would go dual graphics with a Radeon R9-260 or even R9-270? Now that would be cool! Very cool. Still it will be merely a year before the Zen lands and I feel this time around a bigger difference will be made?

After spending twenty years plus scoffing at others, including conker science degree students, due remarks like you won't need that much power, 1Ghz Pentium, or that big a hard drive at 4GB I now find myself ten years after lady hearing this line asking myself the same question.

Oculus Rifts and 4K is about the top end you can go short of having 3 4K monitors at 50 inches each? At 1080p there was only a loss in screen quality going from around 40 inch to 50 and higher. A 55 or 65 inch 4K monitor would look far sharper than my old Samsung Series 5 LCD TV.

The point is that with a lithography of 16nm even an increase in core counts and better architecture might have me wondering where it goes next?

I anyways stated that the obvious next stage one resolution limits the eye cannot detect any longer is reached is holograms. I stated that at university back in 1998 and I stand by it. I now wonder if I am just a coyote of years away from seeing the vision I had that events featured in films like Minority Report and Iron Man?

Ooh uber cool!

I better look out for nan coated waterproof motherboards? Well ask that drooling I will end up doing as there week bound to be some fetching, clever and impressive demos doing the rounds when the time comes?

Can't bloody wait.

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