Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Well would you Adam and Eve it?

I posted about a title I bought called Ghost Recon Phantoms a few days back? Well due to a lingering illness, and my Fibrofog yesterday where I left the house without it, I still have not returned the offending item to the Game Store.

Last night, a few hours before I had my illness, don't ask as I don't know, returned like an F5 Tornado I ended up trying to download the game again. That was around... hmm 10pm and this time around it seems to have downloaded it.... IN PART!

Yes it is around 75% done after 14 hours. I have downloaded games twice that size in an hour. I should really add on a good day? Lol. But even a game twice the size of Phantoms would not take half this long on a bad day. That is my point and it is not finished yet.

The reason why I decided to have another go is because it seems, read 'seems', that people are split down the middle over this title? Some, sounding rather like me on a frustrating, painful and pissed off day, rage about it being a 'Pay To Win' game from an AAA publisher. Others that defend it state you do not have to pay to win at all one individual stating an impressively high level without 'paying a penny'.

Do you know what I thought? "Point one way to find out who is right and whether these fans are just a huge pile of steaming fanboys I start as much as pay2win. Because it's thoughtless and mindless driven who have no concept of what sport is about. A bit like the murderer who complained that a Brazilian athlete that beat him complained his... 'blades' were better than his! This is a man who wanted to be accepted into the races with people without these 'blades'?! Who managed to convince a massive judge that having three bullets lodged your dead girlfriend from your gun in a flecking toilet is an accident.

A little tip here as I cover this in depth on my corruption blog, if you use two different tools one will always be better than the other. However using a tool that replaces half your legs at a fraction, literally, of the weight with far greater flexibility is the actual comparison that is not fair!

Another example of a man that I knew had some very serious personality issues right here at the London Olympics. I was barely coming to terms with the fact that this bladerunner was going to be there, let alone want to compete with normal athletes and complain about tools used by a Brazilian rival. I did not even watch the damned Olympics, though I did secretly help thousands of people who attended. A fact they are musky none the wiser of to this day. Another blog, Man!

What?! I never said it was Oscar Pestorius! Oops! Lol.

Anyway, I digress to try and make lighter of a miscarriage of justice that took place on a global stage. Yup he still has idiots as supporters! The mind boggles!

Which brings me nearly around to this Pay To Win fiasco. Sorry but it's stupid, naive, shows nothing but contempt for your consumers and waltz around like they can rip you off and there is no comeback?! Well yes that's why I call fanboys idiots. I wound simply as at which point do they decide to draw the line? If I ask ten thousand people I wound get ten thousand different answers. In other words it is not fair.

Or to put this another way, I do not want to run around in a game I have ploughed £10 into only to be beaten marginally by a ten year old whose parents ploughed four times or more the amount in that I did! It's FUCKING stupid! THE END!

If you walk into a store and buy an Massive Multi Player Online game or just any online game you all pay the same money and start on an equal footing, or near as. Imagine getting into a game two years late when others have ploughed hundreds into theirs? Well I suggest buying a closing device if you have one on offer as short of immediately ploughing in a couple hundred nicker in one go your gonna spend the day getting annoyed at being canon fodder.

There are also a number of other issues like this I shall briefly explain before I point out a little BBC news report I linked to on another site. YES the corruption one! Lol.

This attitude started out, as far as I can tell, on mobile phone apps. Gotten away with by targeting their incessant greed at the new wave of ever younger kids acquiring mobile phones no doubt? I complained to others about this and simply stunned that they wound attempt this. Granted those earlier ones were not of the Electronic Arts of this world but it was bound to catch on. I know who are firmly to blame for this, take your pick from the only two candidates of Apple and Google. I also realised that surely they were so brazen about this it was only a matter of time before this infection affected the biggest and best loved  titles? Not content with a monthly subscription fee you have to pay over the top to purchase the game and now post for guns that wound not surprise me of some cost more than the real McCoy?!

However an online game is a different animal to a sticker player game for the most part. I like the idea of co-op but what worries me is that your launched into a game populated with 8 year olds boasting everything in sight rather randomly? Then I saw pictures of Elder Scrolls Online! Lol. Oooh dear. Then there are the maps and a large open world could be tricky, unless of course your World Of Warcraft. But then that's a bit long in the tooth graphics wise these days and we are in the verge of the next, next, next generation and if you have seen Star Citizen then on PC it is more next, next, next, next generation! So enjoyable gaming online will come down at least in part to map design. Except even when I was last into gaming, until very recently, was when Half Life 2 was released, YES the first time and Quake and Doom befite that, it was obvious everyone wanted to go multi player. Quake 3 Arena being the first big name multi player title out. I hated that. But even then I did not stop to think... how many games can you have pulling this off?

You can only reasonably have a couple of titles of FPS's, RPG's, Car Racing titles and everyone else will have a tough time breaking into this elite group. That is creativity gone out the window then? Lol?!

Cannot help but think that this is the reason some old forgotten names are back into have creation too?

Funny then that after being out of pc gaming for a fair few years that this new... direction... bad direction is going a bit awry? Also amusing is how Electronic Arts,.... umm and the other ones lol have all bit wanted to hand over publishing rights to Valve and their Steam idea, an idea I did not like then and still do not like today. But I do not dislike it as much as I did. Because no matter what anyone says and my fellow students from my computer science degree will testify to us that they were shocked that in a split debate I was in the camp in favour of tangible things! This is because of the existence of fans, not fanboys who are the same but lacking in intelligence, resort to name calling after initially provoking an argument ergo the original trolls. True fans of literature, music, films and games want something they can... feel! I like Pink Floyd and Radiohead among others books on various sciences (not novels unfortunately as the are many I would love to read) and now RPG's like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Kingdoms of Amulur, Mass Effect, Borderlands and others and will likely get added to? No way would I rather pay, especially as it is often more, for a digital download only. I have a hard back to copy on an optical disc and hopefully with some nice booklets and a map?


I have been at this post for a while now. Dare I wonder whether Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms finally ceases to be a.... ghost? Phantom? Sorry you can all groan now. Do I dare wonder if I will manage to start the game and live longer than sixty seconds before setting a picture of my grey matter on a nearby wall before collapsing realising it is not some ruffian graffiti artist?! Lol.

I may. For a little while. Before I wonder if it is safe to move without creating an almighty mess before reaching the computer?

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