Friday, 17 October 2014


I cannot quite believe I am going to type out this post!

I also cannot quite believe some of the things I am going to type about and am shaking my head right at this minute while wanting to remove my teeth from my head one by one with the use of a set of pliers?!

Today I ended up with something I did not expect. Something I had been considering for a while but did not expect. I bought something on a whim and it is extremely likely that I will return it and ... oooh boy do I have some things to say to them when I do!

I bought a game... a Tom Clancy title I have been familar with for years but it was many years ago I last played a title. I had been wondering for a while now what they are like these days, only have been put off by them as despite the number of titles they get slated, read ripped to shreds, a fair deal by gamers.

Now before I explain what has happened ... or rather NOT happened I will explain that in my Amazon wishlist of PC Games is the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Trilogy. Remember that!

I wandered into my local Game store today. This store has become annoying as a year ago they always had several titles, often budget priced too, that I wanted to purchase but could not. Due to the lack of graphical grunt in my laptop. But this year and now I have a PC capable of playing all titles, regardless of what Custom PC (ooh that reminds me) and now err PC Gamer say which is completely wrong, see last paragraph. I spotted a chunky black box on the PC Games shelf which has been devoid of a while list of titles I would have purchased all year! My Bethesda games, 3 of them, all came from Game. When I looked at the chunky black box it was Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon special edition. It was £15.99 and took iit to the counter. I asked, to be certain, if this was a single player game and not an online only game.

Now this bit you need to realise as they said "No its single player and they normally state clearly on the box if its online only and it says nothing" after checking it over.

Now follow the following points very carefully...

1 It IS an online only game!

2 It is ALSO a FREE GAME, yes you read that correctly this is a free game!!

3 The special part of this box is a single useless hardback book of just pictures of the outfits?!?!

4 Not a single line of code to the game is on the DVD disc and I am afraid it gets worse, a lot worse as ...

5 After two hours of downloading the bar had not moved and it still stated that there was 59 minutes left which is what it did when I ran the fecking game!!!

6 After investigation on the internet there is feck all on the UBI Soft forums, they are always useless anyway, and where I discovered that the game was a free title I also discover that not only is there no code to the game on the DVD, so why a fucking DVD yuou bloody morons, but that it is not on their fucking severs either and your downloading it from ... errr OTHER PLAYERS!!!

7 Almost last but not least is that there are a humungous number of gamers that have the exact same issues and cannot download the game let alone installing it! Not much in the way of answers and the only smart one used the word "Torrents". Jesus Christ!!

8 Best of all is that it turns out that this is an AAA title of game belonging to that which I not only absolutely detest with every fibrte of my being and believe the creators and publishers should be locked up in a burning prison cell for all eternity because it is a PAY TO WIN TITLE!! SPECIAL FUCKING EDITION?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

Phew! Got that lot out of the way!

To add insuklt to injury my connection is bloody crap tonight. Or so I thought but then realised that it is being doggedly slow since I attempted to download and install this Tom Clancy Ghost Recon title and I just realised I forgot a point above...

9 The graphics are dated and for gamers to say that we cannot be talking 2 years old, ergo Skyrim, or even three. In fact some stated that this was first generation consoles?! They were likely being over the top sarcastic but even so...second generation consoles?!

I would NOT, repeat NOT buy a title regardless of how little it costs if it was released before 2007, that is my absolute limit and even then only if gamers absolutely rave about a title. Like Dragon Age of Kingdoms of Amulur.

So there you go...I simply cannot believe the absolutely dreadful experience I have had with a UBISOFT game of one of the Tom Clancy titles!

I have noticed that the box has the Steam logo on it as well as the UPlay logo? I am currently lookiung to see if I can download it off Steam instead?

I cannot believe not just how utterly abysmal this was handled by all involved but also that this atrocity was a free to play title placed in a box and put on a shelf to look like it was something special?! Bugger me even if it was in a standard DVD case it would have been taking the piss!

Oh now will you look at that?! Immediately the title is downloading on Steam and at around 200k/s or more! God knows what it was on UPlay but it was not even a quarter of that if it downloaded anything at all.

Now the question is I am supposed to get something for free with this specia edition, oh in a free play but pay to win title to get you into it of course there is free stuff!! LMAO!!

Now I am going to play Alien Isolation for an hour and then see what the percentage of the download is? I can tell you that in just a couple of minutes it has downloaded 60MB and yet using their own launcher it downloaded 130MB but took two hours to do that?!

Oh..MY...GOD! I will make doubley sure in future that if ANY GAME so much as hints at downloading it all from them or worse still other players you will not see my arse for DUST!!

I certainly wont feel guilty anymore when I am checking out details of something on the Internet on my smartphone!

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