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Well I had to do a post about this after now reading about it enough times to know that is not just someone's mad rambling if bullshit!

It would appear that, as mentioned in my last post, Alien Isolation is reported by some to look good on what is now officially previous generation games consoles? Bizarre.

That paragraph had to be included because of the odd situation that has arisen regarding a couple of titles and one I am waiting for,  Dragon Age Inquisition, only being at a resolution of 900 pixels vertically on the Xerox One as opposed to 1080p on the PS4?!

This is odd. Sorry but very odd for a number of reasons...

1 Only vertical resolution is mentioned
2 It is being made a big thing of but...
3 It is only 180 pixels which would hardly be noticeable wick makes it...
4 Very odd that they had to do it as it is minimal as I said and...
5 Not checked but may be restricted to a particular game engine?
6 Why not just reduce about something else and bit resolution?!
7 Staggering that 1080p is an issue on next gen!
8 Kinect can't be helping matters?

Weird. It is all very bizarre. I cannot remember what the first title was I read about?

At the end of the day is only a few pixels in height. You would laugh at a mobile phone, cellphone of your American, that had 100x100 pixels. I dare say that throughout 2015 it probably won't occur anymore. Or a more efficient and prettier 3D engine would be created.

This is something that many posters on forums, especially fan boys committing themselves to a name calling spat, should remember. Is all code. Just because it looks pretty and plays well does not mean that it is programmed well! The same can be said the other way around. If a game is redheaded with a fault, yes it's a pain in the arse but does not mean the coding is crap. Like DriveClub, I think it's called. Online play falls down when there are a lot of cars on one track. Now I don't know what the numbers are but I thought what do you do if it's 50 players? What if it's going to take 100 players or 500?! How do you test for that? This must be hard to impossible so mistakes will occur.

Granted of its something stupid and it has not been corrected after the first month and especially if you pay a subscription this needs to be... dealt with. In the case of the aforementioned game they are and are apologetic.

However what I despise are the labels that act like God with some divine right and don't give a crap about players that I cannot stand.

I don't like it when companies, public services and others are quick to use the Internet to make more money but then decide to refuse to use completely free and immediate form of communication of emails.

Ooh good God man, do I hate that! Made worse if they want to direct you to idiots on forums who like to feel important but work for the company for free! Lol.

You have taken people's money, frustrated them, failed them or worse you can at least have something in place to answer their concerns?!

I have a list of names for those that are aloof in this way but I could not type that list here! There might be children present?! Lmao!

In the meantime there are a list of titles I am keen to read the reviews of and play...

Dragon Age Inquisition
Homefront The Revolution
Mass Effect 4
Star Citizen
Elite Dangerous... error...
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
The Order 1866
The Witcher 3
FarCry 4 (perhaps but read decent reviews first on Amazon/PC Gamer)
Project Cars and any other car games

Maybe by then you can add

Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls VI to the list?!

Maybe a much longer lasting Dishonoured 2? Sorry but I did enjoy the first until it rather abruptly ended and the DLCs not up to much.

I also really must attach my Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience, sharp images of breath, and undertake the drivers and see if there is a problem with it?!

About the time I discovered my Windows 7 was not genuine the racing wheel developed a fault! Annoying as I hadn't used it from new and I don't exist that of Thrustmaster! But then it's PC World so probably refurbished like the dented Corsair K70 Vengeance Keyboard they sold me?!

Annoyingly add the price of the wheels rise the quality died not appear to get any better?! Well that is until you reach about 220 quid and lasso across to old favourite Logitech and their G27 wheel! But a bit expensive compared to 40 quid for current Thrustmaster but even at a tenner useless if it's not going to last five minutes!

Technically PC World owe me a bloody teaching wheel and it gets worse still! The Advent Tegra Note I am typing on right now has had another one of the three I bought returned fur refusing to charge?!

So to recap... bought three tablet pc's and...

Two of them have been returned TWICE and this one... once!

All but one which refused to read perfectly good SD CARD were all for failing batteries. This also reminds me...

PC Gamer which I have read on and off from issue one disappointed me in recent reviews of the new version of this Tablet the nVidia Shield as well as my AMD A10-7850K KAVERI APU.

The former used no mention of the issues on the previous model, favoring nVidia unfairly...

The latter they stated is not a gaming chip and not to be considered at all for a gaming PC?! For a bunch of people that look like computer nerds in their pictures they understand very little about computer hardware!

Not only was that statement way, WAY off base but once again unfairly favors nVidia to a degree and Intel a great deal.

This is even more surprising when you factor in that the architecture is used in the next gen consoles or that future games and software can utilise not just the four integer cores but also the eight GPU cores.

That last point is also odd when you consider that a big thing had been made of using GPU cores to general computing but now that something guard thinking and usable is here is run down and ignored?! Despite the fact that Adobe's Photoshop can utilise them ashtray madness it all the more bizarre.

Remember this is architecture that sits inside all the game consoles and they state that is not to be considered for gaming! So can we take it that both the next gen consoles cannot be considered for gaming either?!

There is no reason that I could add in a Radeon R9-280, or R9-380, and future titles use the APU's GPU cores due other things?!  I feel sure that this will be the way things will turn out which is why I decided to take a punt at this APU.

Of course the next APU could just drop in and have 6 CPU cores and 10 GPU cores? Perhaps and if I both wanted and needed to go that route?

Interested in the lithography drop to the 20nm node from the current 28nm. This is particularly interesting for both the GPU's, R9-380? As well as the APU's, Carrizo/Excavator, and possibly even the FX CPU's if they end up revisiting this avenue?

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