Monday, 5 January 2015


Will it has been 6 months since I began building my PC and even I could not have dreamed that a full 6 months on I am still missing the things to finish it off!

One of these is the graphics card.

So lately and after a certain financial problem that was supposed to come to an end I started looking at graphics cards and there prices. Namely I was looking at a graphics card based on either an R9-270X or an R9-280. Preferably this would be the efficient 285 but oddly the latter did not seem to come in 4GB varieties? Weird as suddenly 4GB versions of all the others were b omg released including the R9-270's!

Also odd were the prices that have gotten very confusing. Even nVidia's new Maxwell cards, the 980 and 970, started out being £225 for the latter but has since raised up to £280 to £300.

Of course there was the original theory that AND would release its next generation cards either late in 2014 or early 2015? The new Radeon, presumably to be called the R9-370, R-380 and R-390, would also go through a die shrink via lithography. Now normally when this occurs one of two things happens. The GPU chip acquires many more transistors so more powerful and normally able to be clocked faster? Sometimes it ends up slightly faster and yet much more efficient.

However the new Race in being released is not the only thing just around the corner and this second thing is causing me a headache. One to be added to the literal pounding headache I already possess because this too has a GPU!

I did not foresee that one!

Now the problem I have is that currently my integrated GPU is not quite powerful enough and can be paired up with a graphicd card that has a few less GPU cores than the iGPU and the extra ones get switched off.

Something I personally thought was bizarre to be honest.


Now then my APU model of the AMD A10-7850K also ran at a lower clock frequency than the others.

It's replacement is also imminent...sort of...only there are the main two things I cannot find out about it.

What socket and what GPU?

This is because it will have the perfect powered iGPU in theory and whereas mine is slightly faster than a Radeon R9-250 and can be setup to work in tandem with another R9-250, the new APU will be quicker. So following the naming convention the iGPU could be a Radeon R9-260, R9-270 or even 280? It is also possible it will be based on a cut down version of a GPU in the upcoming R9-300 series? An R7-350 for instance if the naming conventions are strictly stuck to.

This is annoying because if it will dual graphics with a currently available graphics card, say the sweet spot of the R9-270 then I could purchase that one!

Or I might need a whole new motherboard which in all honesty I am not willing to change at all. Unless of course the new 'carrizo' APU turns out to be something phenominally powerful and with more CPU cites built in, like 6 or 8 as this would be not only sweet but possible because of the chip shrinking.

A few extra bits on each half of the APU is normally what occurs leaving only the clock speed the commonly asked question.

In the last few iterations the lithography has remained the same.

In the meantime I will now keep scouring for any data concerning both the Carrizo APU and Radeon R9-300 series.

Bloody typical situation I am in, lol.

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