Thursday, 1 January 2015


Yup so my Thrustmaster wheel was crimped by Windows 7 Professional.

SO after not using it for 6 months wrongly convinced that Microsoft would not be that stupid as every manufacturer on the planet could take them to court I realised that...well they are!

So here is me trying to race, rally and do stunts for the first time in probably a year and without knowing where the handbrake is! Lol.


Me not giving up at drifting foir GOLD ... errr and then giving up ... WELL I did not know where the handbrake was!

Me on the tutorial about AIR ... also not giving up until I get gold umm and then giving up...AGAIN!

A Punto in the snow..

...or two ..

Subaru...yeah..hmm do not remember this one either?!

Me piloting an aircraft...what? What do you mean this was DiRT 3? But it IS an aircraft...LOOK, it has wings!

Renault 5 Gordini Turbo yyyeeeahhh! Love this when I was a kid! The car that is, lol. I also do not remember this being in the game when I was first playing it? Could not have gotten far? Lol. But then my laptop struggled with this game, albiet very strangely in the menus sections and not the game itself, which I have never ever seen nor heard of before!

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