Wednesday, 31 December 2014


OK well happy new year to all those deserving of it.

To those that know that there are a great many that are not deserving of it I will give you a preview into one of the many aces I hold up my sleeve.

It will keep you busy and with me things to post over the next couple of months, I made a start but I realised that I was missing loads of pages containing many dozens of emails and I am not kidding you on this one!

So I will scrap the screenshots I did and start again another day.

What I will do here and now is show you one single screenshot ...

A screenshot that speaks a thousand emails!

After your done absorbing the gragantuan possibilities to come from just this one series then consider that I still have better yet to come later in 2015?!

Happy days are here again, lol. Well not for some, lmao!

Now remember...I am going to remind you for a reason something I have said all along and maybe, just it will begin to sink in?

I was never in a rush to win, I was never in a rush to get my point across...I always knew I would eventually, little by little and piece by piece ...

After all it has been two years and now I am going to present in sheer large numbers some ... OK understatement there, a lot of lists of dozens and dozens of emails of a whole mountain of more proof!

I have only ever shown snippets in screenshots before ... yes OK that is also my bit if fun of dangling carrots to blind donkeys to show them up as the blind over paid fools they are.

It was always about the winning...ALWAYS! Welllll with a little something else besides, lol. All in good time...

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