Sunday, 14 December 2014


I happened across this letter to the Metro Newspaper regarding computer had games and in particular Dragon Age Inquisition and the launch of broken games.

They also rant about one I bloody hate and that's updates an in particular the PlayStation 4. They also mentioned how bland the games have been in the next generation consoles.

I am reading more and more letters and comments like this and it seems it'd d going to hit them line a brick wall when they realize that none of this is being reported by the gaming and tech media until age after hundreds of thousands have done their nut about it, ooh that reminds me about U2 lol, but more importantly seems to always be missed on the initial reviews.

Making me all his this can be? Meaning they either never actually played or tested the thing!

Even now interesting is held within the Metro article and written by the newspaper. Now it gets a little odd when they say...

"The words and views in the letter are not the views of the newspaper."? Wow, bizarre.

So they don't review things in the Metro or they did, did something obviously good or is that bad and paid to do so but publishing this letter covering their arses?

Also they may report at how many consoles they have sold but the only ones I have seen after being sold as new have been in other stores being sold on as used. The local Game store had two of each of the PS4 and the XBOne.

I know of 7 people off the top of my head that are others of PS3's and XBox 360...ohh make that 8. None of these own either if the new generation though one of these could be about to change?

Bizarre times indeed as at least gamers are growing done gonads and not now either resisting the urge to get ripped off or making the moves to resist being made an absolute idiot of for fifty if sixty quid instead of forty quid which is still l fecking ludicrous.

Strange days are truly here.

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