Thursday, 15 January 2015


I find it bloody strange that tonight of all nights the Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel has decided to make me regret my apologies to Thrustmaster.

Turns out there steering wheels are pieces of crap as my Ferrari GT Experience, I do wish they would not put car logos on them, we are not all five years old, decided to play up tonight with the exact same fault it did last time around. Err which it then cleared itself of?! Worked for several weeks and now decided it does not want to play anymore and thrown all its rattles out of its pram?!

Bugger it!

I said it was funny that it decided to do it today and this is partly because this Thrustmaster, and I am hearing that they all are, is a piece of crap but a piece of old crap. While in WH Smith earlier today I picked up a magazine I believe was Custom PC and I caught sight of a letter on their letters page.

Now if you have followed me for awhile you will know that I bought the first ever Custom PC Magazine and carried on buying them for several years. That I built an SLI rig before they even published their issue explaining how to do it.

You should also know that not only do I hate the magazine today and what it has turned into but that the reviewers have been speaking quite authoritarian about a particular subject in hardware that not only do they know little about they have also been getting it wrong. They have also been misinforming gamers about hardware and seem to have forgotten the fact that Custom PC's arew made for playing games. Well 99.99% of the time. They are also biased too.

So it raised an eyebrow when someone wrote in a letter stating that it was amazing that he had been buying their magazine for 18 months and it had taken them that long to review a racing wheel?! I laughed out loud, literally! Eighteen months. Of course have a wild guess at the company and the logo on the wheel? I think it may have been the 458 Italia wheel?

Yes a weird coincidence that I have been accusing them of actually forgetting not only what they started out being but had also become biased and drifted further and further away from that they orginally did. Oddly they cover games more and more these days.

The other bizarre thing I just recalled was not only that this letter was having a dig that they are a Custom PC Magazine and so centred around gaming but not cover this particular type of peripheral in the eighteen months he has bought the mag. How long it actually has been I do not know as I wont buy it since Bit-Tech took over the magazine and that was the moment it become lop-sided and biased. No the weird thing was that three, read that three, computing magazines did group tests on coolers? Three?! On the shelf at the same time?!

But this chap had waited eighteen months before reading about a racing wheel!

Hmm I wonder if they said it was good when its actually a piece of crap like this one and will go wrong within 4 months?!


Now I am wondering what to do. My two car racing titles are a bit old admittedly. I was interested in both The Crew, does not get a glowing review that one, and Project Cars but do not know when this one is being released. I also here their is a new Need For Speed on its way but again not sure when this will be out. In fact I cannot remember the damned name of the Need For Speed title. Did have Rivals in my head but its not that as that ones already out.

Ahh the Need For Speed title is called 'No Limits'. Just looked it up, lol.

Oooh yeah I remember now its being done by those Fire Monkeys, or whatever they are called, who do the Real Racing series on mobile devices, I have it on an Android tablet.

Hmm does this mean you will have to spend money to win or get better cars?!

I hate this fecking attitude in games and I do wish that journalists in their respective fields would not be such bloody pussies over these things. It is so obvious a rip-off in the UK, ohh yeah check out PC Pros rip of Britain article thats a waste of time lol. You end up needing things you normally get for free but suddenly your hit with obstacles you cannot work around without giving them money, rather a lot of it at times too. Just how theyu think serious gamers who will have two dozen titles or more can just hand them 40 quid or more every month I do not know. Their accountants and lawyers obviously know fuck all about economics and nor do they know that a game generally means a level playing field. Without one its no longer a game. If the German national footie team was to play a Sunday League team or Pub team you would not bet on the Sunday League team now would you? What are the chances? No bloody chances.

When I do my little reviews about this concerning Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms I always kind of smile to myself. Because initially people will look at it with me a grown man griping about some cash for a stupid game? But I am not griping about the cash, I do not care. I do care however when they start expecting a monthly subscription because its all wrong and too greedy. Think about it...a monthly subscription for everything?

I would need several dozen for games, Microsoft and Android would love to get as many of their things as they can on an online only monthly subscription. But I have a dozen other interests outside computing! How many of these will also want a monthly fee? They are hitting you with music and TV/Film subscriptions and God knows how many other things besides.

Sorry but your bean counters, as ever, are all wrong. They can't see the paper for the dollar signs. It was never workable and I always knew that they would start with a few that make a bit and then everybody else jumps in to until at some point...many that were doing well, and as usual changed everything so that they can just live like that monthly figure goes on forever, hence the UBI Soft attitude on their reply. Then it all falls apart. As it was always bound to.

Of course eventually your going to have millions of customers who have paid for something thayt do not have anymore because they paid money on the hope that using it online will always be there. Who would have thought that they of all people would go bust?!

Now then I will have to give it some though ... A-GAIN over the next few days regarding a wheel. The clamp on this thing is shite anyway and I hope to god they are not all like this one?! I simply cannot get it to clamp down and not shift about. But after anywhere between a couple of hours and a couple of days if I am not using car games that much the fecking thing comes off the solid metal platform of my racing wheel stand! Often mid bloody race and has done it a few times in just the few movies I did if my playing Need For Speed.

I think I am going to be reading a lot of reviews over the coming weeks?!


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