Saturday, 8 March 2014


Like tiny digitised versions of nanobots investigators are mooching around inside or phones to investigate the crafty coders.

Sorry that's me thinking of that old film Inner Space or perhaps Marvel's Ant-Man movie?

At long last I spotted a report I put a link in below that states that those that create games they claim are free but you have to pay for things to win are being investigated!!

Now I have harped on about this a number of times at how so bloody out of hand it has got to the point that they cannot be classes as games!

To be honest I really do have a hatred towards this along with the extremely lame and utterly pathetic people that do these things. I mean real living under the rock types. Grrr.

Well at long last it is being investigated I do not know how long they have been at it nor do I know how long it will go on for. I hope it's not like the investigation I spoke about previously that is going to continue for two years?! Cannot recall what it was over, Car Insurance? Not sure. This is because by the time they have found a way to stop or reverse it, it has come to late as many have suffered over it.

It also makes going through Google's Play Store a real tedious and lengthy process as all you get now is complete and utter crap! Mostly because the mutton is dressed up as lamb until you see the screenshots?! It is bad enough when I am on Tagged, Hi5, Planet Personals, Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Badoo when almost every single white woman in England or the USA who contacts me is actually an East African guy pretending rather badly to be something he is not!! You do get done Russian men do the same thing, had Ukrainians too but they could have been Russian?

Then their are the phishing scams, viruses and all the other crappy things that just bring the whole experience down and continue to do so slowly over time.

For those that target individuals in this way I would love to not only see severe punishments cone in but also a good example of a means to catching them too! I would hate to find out that a country where this type of practice is rife and the governments of said country do nothing it turned out we have aid to?!

I would very much be pissed about that!

Funny how anyone can be snooped upon regardless of what hardware or security you have and yet they cannot do anything about the sad, pathetic, lazy, lying thieves that continue to attempt to ruin the Internet as a place to be?!

Funny that!


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