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I have reffered to magazines and their odd and sometimes quite bizarre reviews so many times it is silly.

But I was looking about tonight when I found a round up of reviews for smart phones that is on the website of my btothers old favourite magazine What Hifi.

Curiously I spotted a problem straight away and then when reading the comments I saw someone state the same thing and someone else who I think may have been a bit sarcastic.

Now the link is provided below but this includes two phones, one being Apple's iPhone and the other being my new phone the Moto G. I also noted somewhere, may or may not be on this page, of an insinuation to Google's Android OS.

1) They praise the Nexus for its price yet omit the Moto G while having its big brother the Moto X despite the G baing available long before the 'X'?! They even state the G as launching late last year!

2) Once again someone praises the latest Apple iPhone and yet after moaning about plastic phones then praise the plastic iPhone C?!

3) I read also, might have been on here, when speaking about the Nokia X they state 'for people getting bored of Android OS'?!

Now as for number one, sorry guys but this is madness and no excuses here! I have been looking at the Moto G for months in Tescos and I was well aware of the Moto X but was also aware that this was not coming to the UK. That is until only very recently!! SO how you include one and not the other only means one thing to me!

Number two has my old firneds Apple and I am sorry but I am afraid that if their was an OS that not only people can get bored with quickly and has been shown to be actually happening it is iOS. You also mention the audio and I can tell you that IF it is as good as you say then they must have made some major changes from the iPhone 4S, which I have, to this one?! Also they must have removed the limitations to the audio volue too, which is bizarre because I know not of a single handset sold within the EU that does not have this?! One commenter even states the same as I do and remarks that you need to use a FIIO amplifier which is EXACTLY what I had to do! On its own the audio quality of the iPhone 4S was noticebly dreadful with certain, and I include EXPENSIVE to the tune of £150, headphones!!

Umm you are What Hifi are you not?!

As for Android, to remark about anyone getting 'bored' with it can only mean one thing and that is people have been having the exact same issues I have had?! Yes I could fully understand that and it is good to finally read this if only in insinuation! But oh my word if your referring to the look and feel then I am must have taken a great deal of money to even INCLUDE APPLE in this list?!

Now yes I have seen people totally ruin the Android OS and the top name for Android phones that did this too! This was Samsung and I know three people who have hated the Samsung Galaxy S4 interface and I did not like it either! But when I read someone say the things that I read about ANdroid being boring I can only think they only tested one phones and that was the Samsung Galaxy, which would not be the correct thing to do.

The odd thing is that my business, or a large part of it al la this blog, has been gadgets and my BSc Single Honours Degree is in Applied Computing and I have managed to buy some very nice things for an unbeliebably small amount of money that are not featured at all and at best only get a mention?!

Funny this?!?!

Now I own an Advent Tegra Note and I have had issues with it! Yes the border/bezel could be thinner and make it look even better but for the price you cannot do better! I have had several of them fail and the faults with mine nearly forced me to take mine back thinking my device was faulty. However I have since realised that not only is this down to Google and the fact they now seem to have systematically destroyed Android but the very glaringly nad faults have persisited through 4 versions of Android too?!

After locating the LG G Pad as mr replacement in the end I could not do it! This is because it is a very good handset for the money. Also rather bizarrely reviewers stated it was ugly but it not only looked like a giant HTC ONE phone but many people commented on this too! What is weird is they stated it was ugly and yet the phone it looks like is always stated to be gorgeous?! One of my brothers spent an enture day thinking my tablet WAS INDEED a HTC after I joked about it and then had to correct himm to his surprise.

Yes I can tell you now if they made an 8 inch one but kept it at the same size and design, therefore maling the black border thinner and vetter looking with a higher resolution screen, it has 1280x800, and made the case a bit more solid or better still aluminium then I would certainly buy one! In fcat I would go as far as saying that with these little changes, maybe silver versions too, you would have quite possibly the best tablet on the market!

Now one thing I would be looking out for is if they did this later in the year but with nVidias next Tegra chip called the K1 I have been speaking about and a 64Bit chip too!

SO yes it does have a few little drawbacks but as I bought three of them from PC World for £310 in total I really cannot see how you could recommend anything else. I also checked the compute power of everything else out and really only the eight core Samsung Tablet at £550 was noticebly more powerful but noticeably more ugly.

That is another thing too, even when the Samsung Galaxy S2 was out every raved about its looks but I thought it was butt ugly and each they bought out a new one I was hoping I would like it. They did manage to improve it a great deal but for me the HTC's Moto X and Sony, yup I said Sony, XPeria Z are all better looking. I would even go as far as saying that the Apple. yup I did say Apple, iPhone 5S, not the C, is alot better looking. Until you switch on the OS's that is and it all falls apart for Apple!

But then I wonder if this is how reviewers decide about the looks of a phone or tablet?! Do they do it with the screen on so that those that have a Retina Class screen or better instantly has them typing out the model name?! In this case only LG's latest Nexus tablet at £200 and all others a fair bit more expensive will likely all look good. For me the LG G2 and Tablet G Pad are two good looking devices and only then and HTC's are better than the ones I currently own.

Now I own the Moto G 8GB which I did not mind because I had the Tegra Note 7 tablet with 16GB pf memory and a 32GB Sandisk Ultra SD Card! Meaning the large games and many others are all on the tablet, or the entertainment. I also have office suites on there too which I also have on the Moto G with only small apps and I have not run out of space as yet. I also have 50GB of cloud storage which is free for two years! This you get with the Moto G's but I am not sure about the Moto X.

In other words I do wish these bloody magazines would pull their fingers out and stop doing whatever it is they obviously are doing!

Once upon a time I could rely on a number of magazines or TV programs like the Gadget Show covering all that is available but in all honesty quite often they do not even reach half way there! Only 3 7 inch tablets were reviewed on the Gadget Show and I thought 'THREE?! JUST THREE?! Are you fecking serious?!" LMAO!!  checked out a few Windows tablets, likely 3, Anroid tablets by HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, LG before buying the Advent Vega Tegra Note. Now there are at least TWELVE Android tablets I looked at and as I type I remembered that Maplin has about 3 and then you have the iPad Air and Mini?! So therefore you have over 20 tablets and yet with all the money they have to spare and all the prizes they somehow give away the gadget show only found a measly three?

Now that was not very informative and that is putting it politely and understating it a fair old amount!


EDIT: Oh yes I forgot, raise the RAM memory of which the 1GB it had may be behind some issues. Do not bother with 2GB as I have seen the first devices listed with 3GB.

Hmm there was something else I thought of too but it's gone but another could be that if they went with aluminium backed ones for perhaps a premium device they could keep that back design odd hour glass by making a ridge of rubber that the device would then lay on whether this is on its back or up against something?!

1) Yes increase screen size by an inch while keeping the size to make black border smaller.

2) Increase screen resolution to at least retina class.

3) Increase RAM to 3GB.

4) Tegra K1 64 Bit

With those specs on the same design and I very much doubt I would look at anything else?! Except if they did a 9 inch one!!


Oh yes and if they and all the other manufacturers kicked Google up the arses over losing simple texts in their OS?!


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