Saturday, 8 March 2014


Despite the song that is where the line ends for me.

Yes I have managed to acquire a dreaded tablet that I hope lasts me long enough for my blogs to earn enough at least be able to replace it?! A year hopefully at the most?! Lol!

If not then Google and other Affiliates may start to look a bit more then just a little suspicious?! Well that is if I ever decide to let these so called affiliates to advertise on my boss that is?!

There have been a few days of sub and milder weather where I live. I also hear that there is a whole week of ever warmer weather for the following week going from 12 degrees centigrade up towards 20 degrees centigrade! Wooo boy, came just in time to stop me and several other people I know going insane! As one friend out it earlier today, and he DRIVES, 'it ceased to be funny weeks ago!' to which I burst or laughing and said I knew exactly what he meant.

Of course the name of the game for me is content. I do have this dreaded disability, Fibromyalgia I now realise, which limits me and I have my very old mountain bike whose gears are sticking and nearly caused an accident! But the name of the game for me is content!!

Whenever I think about content for me it comes from two sources, what I do and what I get.

Now what I do is a great deal as all my blogs should show and I used devices to do them. But...

What I get is bits and pieces which could be better! Some obstacles I simply cannot control not get help to control them, like the weather for instance. What I get is media I manage to get with what I have.

But content can come many fold with the addition of any new device!

For example tonight I had been offered to go out on a wildlife hunt. During the day while pottering about in Enfield Town and walking past that actress again from EastEnders and Doctor Who, name escapes me, I pondered about what I could film and photograph? The short answer is nothing. The long one is zilch, nada, zero, nought and nothing! Lol!

So a night vision camera would add to the content I would not otherwise get?!

The other day someone asked me about cameras on bendy bits of metal, bore scopes, to put inside his nest boxes of Budgerigars and Cockatiels. I stated I had wanted one of these for awhile and I would check some out! I stated that I could place them inside burrows and check and film animals without disturbing them.

Another gadget that would increase the content I collected on any given day out.

Then there is the very thing I have wanted to build for the last four years or more! A new computer! That would force me to then create a desk where I can work and make me purchased a chair that would be far more comfortable! Instead of sitting all lop sided on the sofa which probably dies not do my health issues any favours at all. Do not know where in my tiny house though?! Lol!

Of course acquiring each item in turn also provide me with more content when I cover the item I have purchased for a specific job! As I can cover and provide an in depth review. Unlike other reviewers that use it for 5 minutes, go goo-goo eyes over it but fail to reach its limitations in said 5 minutes I, on the other hand, do use my stuff... in the field... so to speak.

Well except for one gadget that is coming from overseas that had taken just over two weeks and not arrived yet! I cannot do a review and tell you about that one!! Not for at least 6 months and likely a year but then you can be sure I have tested it to it's limits?! Lol!

So I went through last year not going to as many stores as I thought I would. But did get some nice things in the field, Clouded Yellow Butterflies. Then the really bad winter weather had me such within a limited range of 2 miles which is not going to get me anything at all, unless of course Google started paying me when I thought they would in which case I would have built my PC rig or two?!

Cheers Google, nice to see your doing OK out of the free advertising though?!

So you can imagine that with the warmer weather now providing with with untold freedom and the next 8 months for many other possibilities to occur I am a little excited! Just a little mind you!

However I do have one gadget that is well being reach that I need and it's alternative I own itself becoming dangerous and needs replacing, my bike! Was in a gear and cycled round some roadworks and was to busy concentrating on cars coming up my rear like nutters when I put all my weight into the right pedal forgetting it was still yet to change up a great it then decided to do, sending me hurtling across the road before quickly correcting the bike and swerving back across.

My God! I must have looked pissed to car drivers?! I also had flashing nightmares of times gone by of when I knocked over by a car at the age of about 13!

Well not go over that again, did ages ago on my other blog lol. But believe me when I tell you that desire miraculously not breaking a single bone you just do not wanna, do not even joke about it, lol!

So I hope that now this year dies not have the number 13 in it I hope it is a sign that things will work out better than last year?! From what I see them starting about the weather it looks to be a good omen?!


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