Saturday, 8 March 2014


Hmm how strange?

I clicked on the Google Now cards to see how my football team did, were losing 2-0 to Chelsea when I last looked, bit there was no score but there was a link to a sure that stated about issues with the Android OS?!

A fair few issues and enough for the piece to be broken up into two parts?!

Now what I found strange was that I was shown this site via Google's Now software?! To a link of people listing quite a few issues of their own Operating System Android?!

Now the issue only involves one phone model and only one version of Android, I should note! Tough I must state that if I can find this website without actually looking, and I never have actually looked and oddly rarely actually actively look for anything I cover, what would I find if I did look?! Lol!

Now the link is provided and I have not read the webpage but if your just curious or you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have updated to Android 4.3 Jellybean and have issues then the link may just be what you need?! Possibly?! Lol!

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