Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I have contacted the following with the email pasted below and I am kidding you not about what I have starred, Lol.

Google in writing, PC World, Knowhow, nVidia & EVGA by email.


Dear Sirs


Myself, BSc Applied Computing, and two parents are currently furious with the above device and I personally would like some answers!

1 One had to be returned because it failed to charge up?! It was exchanged!

2 A second one started to refuse being charged up and I took this back to PC World who curiously starred it had to be sent off. In the meantime the THIRD ONE, my one, had started to play up.

3 Then I was informed by the patents who requested I the two up as Christmas presents for their two daughters then tell me that the one given to me as an exchange is ALSO NOT CHARGING UP!! M

4 Mine has problems as it makes the keyboard disappear and refuses to come back. The lasso and palm detection buttons go missing for days on end and I DO mean that literally. A couple of days back whole I was rushed and panicking trying to take a photo of a page in a book for a drug called Sodium oxybate which is used for my DISABILITY the tablet told me I had no memory and refused to take a picture and stated that my sdcard was not mounted?! Weird because not only was it mounted but it had 16GB of free memory while the internal memory has 6GB?!

It also loses loads of text in a number of different text based apps  and blogger apps and the swype keyboard is so atrocious I could get a bunch of five year olds to code something better!!

I have had to go back and forth in pain because of my disability and I am furious that with all the British taxes being paid out for governing bodies, ombudsman and all these rules that all I have manage to purchase in the last twelve months is shoddy crap and used and refurbished items retailers and mail order catalogues in the UK have been selling them as new when the reality is they are returned garbage flown over from the USA!

A shame for PC World that I have a series of BLOGS!!!

Also writing emails is absolutely atrocious and for some bizarre reason that is beyond me it suddenly decided to move your cursor back up a paragraph and places it mid sentence?! Place it back to where it was after clearing up the mess it created and it will do it AGAIN?!?!

Also I have no idea where the bloody English Dictionary was sourced from but it certainly was not ENGLAND!!

I would like to know what in the hell is going on if you do not mind?!


Martin Haswell BSc

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