Sunday, 9 February 2014


I think I am going to walk away from Google's Android Operating System. It just seems to be slowly becoming a horrible place to be!

As some of you know I bought three Advent Tegra Note 7 Tablet PC Computers. One for me and two on behalf of friends as presents for their two girls. Well I already had to replace one of the two given for a new one which were given out as Christmas presents and now I have the second one in my home and I will be exchanging it when I return it tomorrow?!

Starting to wonder now when my one will give up the ghost?!

But regardless of this nor peering on my mind I am having other issues!

Google Play has gone from being interesting and exciting to browse to a pain in the arse I really am getting more and more feed up with using!!!

First of all there are an absolute myriad of shit on their and I do mean shit! I have list count of the number of things I have downloaded that do not work, nothing like their description and died not do what it says on the tin!! Then there are the fecking games that are just plain greedy and preying on that gaming urge that is a primary instinct in us all! In app purchases is what I am getting at!

That is of course after all the utter shite you click on because the picture looks cool, mainly suggesting a first person shooter with console class graphics, only to see the screenshots and think ' what the FECK is this shit, it looks like the old days of 8 BIT gaming?!'

Of course yeah that is why I searched for something with an nVidia Tegra 4 processor so that I can play 1980s games and gear up the planet with all the wasted extra power?! Lol!.

I also got a an App Shifter and that is what it is actually called, unless your looking at it on Google Play then it's called something fecking else entirely. I moved a few dozen apps including some big games. Only lately I have been clicking in things and being told it is not installed?!

This happened with an app I bought, OfficeSuite Pro, because Quick Office is now crap because Google got ahold of it and I paid a tenner fit that too!! Only I have just realised that my documents in this app are NOT BEING SAVED TO GOOGLE DRIVE?!

For the love of a fecking GOD!!

Then tonight I realised that my new game I was playing of GT RACING 2 (real racing it states) had also give missing?! I then opened App Shifter only to click on SD Card apps to see just TWO!! TWENTY TWO would be closer!!

Then there is the game itself, ever since I bought something IN-APP things went downhill... FAST!!

I ended up with a Toyota GT85 II. Only straight away I was having difficulties and found that I had to drift to stand any chance of going around a bend and stating competitive with race leaders!! I thought that maybe some upgrades would since this. This was also because other cars were rounding bends perfectly level and without drifting! I ended up maxing the upgrades to the car without realising and things remained the same. Also despite being maxed out I was being offered upgrades before each race?!

Also I was seemingly spinning out each time someone touched me which was not happening to them and added to this they were never spinning out. Then there is the old positions remain the same syndrome within the race energy your the only one ever doing any overtaking or even being overtaken?!

Another common thing is never getting higher than 8th after several attempts on one track and then getting first in the next race at the first go?!

Some tracks feels as if my tyres are manufactured using ice while others not quite so bad. Maybe cardboard, lol.

The last updated, like the other two, have made absolutely no fecking difference to Android and added to this the swipe keyboard is still substituting words whereby you got it spot on but it offers you not only the WRONG WORD but often not even one that starts with the same letter?! You know the...letter...that... you... touched... on... first... which... you... would... not... make... a... mistake with!!!

If your going to scree up the coding at least get the wetting word that starts with the correct letter for Christ sakes?!

If I was Eric Schmidt and I had some Android OS as a business solution I would be crapping my pants right about now!!

So I am getting extremely feed up with Google and Android.

Only the alternatives are crap!

Sorry Apple I know you would like many to think that your system is great but that it's not doing well because the rest of the world is voting and infringing, but no!

I simply never realised just how bland the iOS was until I had a few weeks to mess around with one. Also I hate iTunes as it is also bland and on Windows it is good awful slow! Mac OS is much better as an OS to look at and use!

Maybe Jason Bradbury was not plugging Microsoft's Surface 2 dye to sponsorship?

But then where Google and Android have a problem with being far too laid back and open Microsoft are the polar opposite and doggedly sticking to their closed system which would not be that bad if not for preventing a number of other people coding browsers for their system!

My mate had the options of IE and UC?! No Safari, Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox or any others either.

So one choice is far too bland and boring added to way over expensive in Apple.

Another is far too awkward, butt ugly and closed system with not many apps or choices with Microsoft.

Lastly you have far too many choices, too unstable, far too many so issues and lazy or incompetent coding with Google.

Now what annoys me is that any one of these could read this and realise that they could alter their system to stand head and shoulders above the other two?!

However I will wager that they won't!

Or maybe one of the many others I have been hearing about will rise like a Phoenix from the flames and keep above the other two?!

If it is the latter paragraph I got they then do not just become the fourth arsewipe in a long list of arsewipes?! If it is greedy shareholders that come along then suddenly decide that they know better than the inventors... well get them to read this oust and I will tell them to shut the feck up and go back and crawl under the rich from whence they came!

In the meantime I can only hope that things improve and I suspect now that it just might be the big 'M' as they are already working to replace the travesty that was Windows 8, with Windows 9 of whatever it ends up being called?

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