Thursday, 23 January 2014


The title for this piece hit me immediately due to the realisation that there are many out there with a similar view or opinions to me.

In many of my subjects this happens a lot.

Yet one particular and very miserable but necessary blog subject I am not so sure, despite it being the most popular subject by several country miles.

But I am expecting this to change this year by quite some margin too?!

But I spotted this link of someone speaking about gaming and the different platforms and controllers available. He is covering a preview of Valve's Steam OS for PCs. Valve were the people behind the Half Life games originally and I say that because it has been ten years I think now since I played Half Life 2 and quite disappointingly finished it within 48 hours or so!

Now for me at the time this here highlighted the absolute largest and primary problem for games. It took an absolute age for them to surface, sometimes with a lengthy and frustrating series of false starts, and then after the wow period had barely did down they were over in a little bit longer than the blink of an eye.

For the most part this was largely why it was not THAT disappointing to be without a gaming computer for some of the periods that I have.

Things have improved albeit extremely slowly and very little. But improved they have.

Well except there is no Half Life 3!

In these last ten years Valve have instead been concentrating on their Steam platform. Essentially a short of browser but only their channels and fit downloading their offerings... or rather other people's offerings. For a small percentage of course. It was supposed to change everything... in reality it had changed very little except Valve's bank balance.

It arrived at the same time that Half Life 2 did. When I discovered that the box I just paid for did not have Half Life 2 in it I was furious. When I got my next bill from the phone company for the download data charges I had a coronary! It was hailed as the future of gaming while I thought it was a big streaming pike of dogs poo and saw an example of yet another lazy fat bastard wanting to earn shit loads while sitting on their arses playing games and surfing their pie hole with.... PIES, coffees and doughnuts?!

As it turns out I never downloaded anything else on Steam for over ten years!! Weird, huh?

What never occurred to me despite the fact I knew that it's existence continued was that I could still walk into a Game store and see PC Titles on a rack?! After more than ten years to?!

So what happened?!

Will quite obviously the majority felt as I did. I still prefer to walk into a store and then buy a case of my beloved title, especially if it's a special edition with bigger box, maps, bumper size manual and the like. Nothing can compare to that feeling of opening the box and seeing the extra bumpf inside. NOTHING!

My other problem was with prior that stated that the consoles would eventually kill the PC of and this was so deluded for so many reasons and on so many levels. As far as I was concerned any tech journalist who stated this should be whether if themselves and fired?!?!

Well ten years have passed since it's inception and yet it had not taken over the world. Not had the PC been confirmed to history just yet. Still the statements are made though, only this time around the landscape is somewhat markedly different to what it was teen years ago!

Back then there was no Windows 8... sorry I meant Windows H8! Or Windows 80 to 83, lol.

Steam has not taken over the world but after some noises emanating from their direction and everyone and his brother thinking it would be Half Life 3 it turned out to be a Steam Operating System!!

Still I thought this had more potential than Steaming piles of... downloads, lol.

Immediately there was talk of the double touchpad controller and I thought that these controllers must be better then even I thought as they are still sticking with a gamepad?!

But today I find this report by someone with both a brain and and a good memory?!


Opinion: What is the point of SteamOS? I can't think of a single one -

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