Wednesday, 1 January 2014


When I am during around the web looking for information on upcoming CPUs and GPUs I am surprised at the amount of infighting and fanboys it there and the extremely childish comments that can be hurled about.

This sometimes drops into greater depths of depravity at the language used without a thought for who might be reading, or their sex or age?! This also give me an example of how websites are badly run and that most hosts care more about what costs them money than the language and threats that take place on their comments section. This turns out to be true 100% of the time I look up CPUs, GPUs and Computers, sadly.

Now I would like to think that because this happens every single time and in almost everyplace I visit that it is the same dozen people or so. I would hate to think that the majority of people out there are that will minded, sheep like and rude?!

Hmm maybe that is why my blogs did not take off as quickly as I thought and has taken me 18 months to get near 100,000 when I thought I could do it in 6 to 10 months?! Lol.

Maybe I needed to speak more like an idiot and girl around bad language and depraved talk about sexual acts?!

Nope I would rather just attract intelligent and decent folk here to be honest and I do find it amusing that people that behave like that stated out by complaining about how they are treated by big business?! Well if you behave and converse like an animal do not be surprised when you are treated like one, Lol.

Still sometimes in my searches I come across something very interesting and today I most certainly have!

When I did my Degree in Software Engineering, or mitre accurately Applied Computing, the 3D card was at its very beginnings. When I state beginnings I mean it and though I wanted to cover part of this previous I was not sure I could remember all the name correctly?

Right back then when it finally took off with games there were the players. One major player which lit the touch paper and was number one and then there were two other also rans. I beloved to camp number one...

3Dfx Voodoo

The other ones you may have heard of as they are...

ATI RAGE (RADEON & AMD owned today)

The demise of the Voodoo cards was sad. But they went off to work with the remaining two companies. I remember at university while I had a Voodoo card I surpassed at the abilities of my mates Riva TNT card!

Here is a link I found that goes into this era in a bit more detail... which also talks about the future gens...

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