Sunday, 29 December 2013


As I stated previously in my reviews of the tablet I now own I have a link from the Tetra Zone that announces what appears to be my tablet but badged by HP, Hewlett Packard.

I do not know how this works from now on, or in other words do EVGA continue making it for HP or do they now own the licence for the design and manufacture it at HP now?

I will try to find this out as I am interested to know the answer. I am also interested to see if they will announce larger versions? The was talk of a larger one appearing but I have not searched any more regarding these facts.

I will though be covering a number of things from January 2014 onwards as after a terribly long wait I will be in a position to do those I had hoped to last year.

The jury is still out on some of these things and January 2014 will reveal some much anticipated information that I will make those decisions upon. A number of facts will come to light during the first two months that will alter many things that I will do and achieve.

Several of these things will be to do with this blog but a few are too do with my health and some check ups, tests and ultrasounds that have been requested I had not foreseen. Plus there is the matter of a referral to Guy's Hospital's Fibromyalgia Department.

These things wool all set a precedent that will continue without 2014 that will ensure that many more subjects, items and gadgets will be covered.

Fingers crossed.

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