Tuesday, 14 January 2014

AMD A10-7850K

When I started this blog I wanted to do something a little different.

I have spent years waiting for launches and then days waiting for benchmarks. Over all this time several things started started to appear to me.

1) More and more benchmarking programs started to appear

2) Stupid people started to work for free for a number of companies by becoming pay per free sales executives (read: very sad fanboys)

3) More and more people both doing benchmarks as well as rowing in forums did not know what they were talking about

So I picked up a few techniques.

When I buy a CPU I do so by looking forwards and NOT BACKWARDS! Quite how some numb-skulls can justify a thousand quid chip because of some very quick number in a three year old program is beyond all understanding. Anything currently out there will run just fine too and you would be hard pressed to notice. However many out there come across in reviews to insinuate that you would. NO!

So I started to flick around different websites that are just begging like besotted love struck dogs on heat for site hits. Scrabbling around for words and graphs that extend over many pages to make you think they know what they are talking about when they give you their conclusion.

The truth is I wade through them all looking for one or two signs that lead me to the truth.

Today I did just that and I found it too!

I was specifically looking for something that showed the benefits of all the goodies AMD had included within their new Kaveri chip and specifically the A10-7850K. I also reminded myself that whatever I found would only be an early example of improvement and that this would gradually get better and better over time. I was in for a surprise.

Now I cannot recall what the benchmark was, may come back and edit this at a later date, but what I found kind of blew me away!

While wading through a great many pages of people muttering on about useless and pointless i3 chips I found a benchmark whereby the A10-7850K was 5 times faster than an i5?! Not an i3 but an i5!! Five times faster!!

Now here is where I use my noggin whereas many do not...

Now once I have seen these few benchmarks that show these kinds of speeds and improvements my brain then decides on the following...

1) Everythiong else is badly programmed or just not programmed to show the benefits and so redundant..

2) No coder worth his salt would code their new software in the same manner currently and ignore all the extra processing power on offer, ergo making said benchmarking software redundant.

3) If any of the benchmarking programs were any good they would not be plowing through loads and loads of software making most of them...REDUNDANT!!!

4) Any software engineer wants his, hers of their software to sell and be more popular over all others and so will want it to be faster and  look better than all their rivals, therefore NOT ignoring all the extra processing power on offer, making all benchmark programs....well REDUNDANT! LOL.

What I find highly amusing is that I am always excited about a new CPU or GPU because I am thinking that when software and games come out FOR this chip that they will be several steps ahead over whats currently available. Now I assume that is what everyone else thinks and it IS what they should think!!

But they start harping on about an extra second in this program or a few frames per second in that program as if this renders the chip unusable?! Stoopid!!

Now factor in on top of what I said about the HSA making it five times faster in one benchmark, 45% faster in Battlefield 4 and the fact that much of the future software will be coded for the next generation consoles which will be VERY PC like and it will be a very good time.

There is just one other thing that no one has mentioned within all this!!

What benefits will Valve's Steam OS bring to the table?

Linux users have been crowing on about how Linux is much faster than Windows, excluding Ubuntu and Unity in that statement, and if Valve can prove that is certainly the case right across the board then oh my god!!

I have been hearing of some noise along the grapevines of many developers, coder and software houses being a little bit more than excited and making motions to move towards certain coding techniques with the AMD hUMA and HSA in the forefront of their minds.

I think I am now beginning to see why and as much as I would still like to see a 6 CPU and 8 GPU APU I think that at the earliest possible opportunity I will start gathering together some bits and pieces to finally build that rig I am 6 years overdue of building?!

Still I saved a lot of money from all those rigs I never built! LMAO!!

Now I cannot wait for all that software to be released that will take advantage of it all, I think give it a month or two should start seeing some things appear?!


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