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Oh stupid me I added a zero...or is that I forgot the decimal point? Lol.

Hmm I am not sure if this linking thing is actually working?

I just noticed that at the bottom of the page to words saying 'Top Stories' but I hit the link button within the Flipboard app. Sorry if it not working but seems to be the app not actually doing what you ask it to do, finding it a real pain in the posterior if I am honest and may go back to Pulse, which is the linked In News app.

The trouble with News apps you would have to be extremely short sighted to just have the standard apps to the usual suspects. it does not matter that your a Tory or a Labour supporter as the name of thew game these days is to lie, set up a false image intentionally and chose NOT to report on real people that shows you the truth but instead go chasing around after celebrities and turn yourself into a gossip programme over time.

I prefer to use an app that brings you stories from a number of different sources and mainly those that are none of the big names except for The Guardian and the Independent. Possibly The Telegraph too.

Now back to the subject that the link below is supposed to take you to!

It seems that there is going to be yet another version of Windows and I had to chuckle a bit over what it stated as it said that Microsoft want Windows 8, all of them, to be like Windows Vista whereby they got it wrong. Well that is that they did it twice! At least.

Whether or not its an official name the new Windows is being called Windows 9 in the report and I am not sure what it is with American big businesses as they seem to either go with odd numbers or even numbers to get it right. Well I say that as a bit of fun poking at what they used to say about the Star Trek films whereby it was a joke that it was only worth going to the cinema to see the even numbered films. Well except my least favourite ones were number 4. Umm and err....Generations was a bit disappointing, whatever number that one was. The one with God in it was not all that either, lol.

The trouble is for Microsoft is that they doggedly refuse to learn from their mistakes. They think that trend setting comes naturally because they are so big a company but it does not. In fact they have single handedly almost destroyed the PC industry and I think now there will be a big turn around because of Valve and their Steam OS. In fact it would NOT surprise me one bit to discover that Microsoft are now being motivated to get off their arses because of Valve?!

There was also no way you was going to earn from charging way to much for an Office Suite and now they want a monthly fee? They are lucky that most people simply do not realise that most Office programs are compatible with Microsoft's Office and they are free. Even on Windows you can get Open Office and even on Android there is Quick Office, Documents to Go, Smart Office and many others besides.

There are some silly headlines too about Sony's PS4 crushing Microsoft's XBone in sales but this is greatly exaggerated but even so....they will not want Sony to go running away with sales and the gap to start increasing. Oddly the sales are going just as I thought they would. Personally I like the look of the XBox and its connect gadget but the PS4 has more power. The funny thing is that I have from the beginning found their hardware to be somewhat strange! There are EIGHT CORES on the CPU side and the gaming side they have a single chip?! Four CPUs and 2 GPUs would have been perfectly understandable and quite expected.

So it remains to be seen whether or not the graphics on the two next gen consoles ends up being quite underwhelming or if PC Gamers crowing about frames per second have been spending several hundreds of pounds on hardware when the game developers have been coding like crap when it comes to the PC?! Lol!

I think it will be one very interesting year this year for a whole heap of reasons.

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