Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Well I have been waiting for the new generation of AMD APUs and CPUs, if there are any of the latter, based on the Steamroller Cores and HUMA design.

We are very close now to a launch and there are very differing rumours floating about none of which really matter due to it now being weeks away at most. Some state that shipment is already ongoing while others state it starts in December.

I have been waiting for the AMD Developer's Conference as a number of announcements were due to be made with the date flying about the Internet being the 11th November 2013 for all the announcements and that we will find out all on this date. Then I realized that the conference was actually over THREE DAYS, 11th to the 13th November, and thought 'well there we go yet again with people making statements as if they were fact when they are not'.

It is currently 18.43 so the evening of the 12th November 2013 and there is very little about other than a few announcements that have emerged from the conference.

"Specifically, desktop availability will take place on January 14, executives said at AMD’s APU13 conferences on Monday. Chips for notebooks, servers, and embedded systems will follow later in the year", executives said.
That above quote is from the following link...

AMD's next-gen Kaveri chip due in January | PCWorld:

Another thing being reported on some sites is that on January 14th 2014 the 'DESKTOP, version of AMD APU with steamroller cores codenamed Kaveri will be launched with laptops and notebooks being launched later in the year?!

Sorry but this is a little off sounding to me. AMD APUs normally get launched in laptops FIRST and desktops LATER! Should this happen the other way around it will be the first time I am aware of that this was done that way around.

Also my local PC World/Currys Megastore has spent a few days VERY recently changing all their displays and shunting many laptops off onto older shelving and left a load of spaces. The new stands have a mahogany like look about them and look rather dapper. Fancy in other words, lol.

It drives me insane when I walk by and I hear the sales people trying to sell a laptop or notebook with an Intel Core i3 in it and I feel like walking over and saying "don't, just don't!", lmao.

There are also some mad claims about the Internet too and some have been lambasted for them. But I do find it annoying when someone claims that there will be a 30 or 40 percent increase in performance and armchair experts claim that this is not possible!! Grr, you cannot say that! Not likely would be more accurate but there are so many things being implemented in this chip that you cannot say that. Unless you know more than the designers do of course, lol.

Put basically there is a new core for starters and this time has a floating point unit to itself for the first time. It is on a smaller lithography, which may help it run cooler and clock higher. Then there is the HUMA aspect of the chip. No one really knows anything about these combined things but quick to come online and state what it will or wont do, lol.

As for the many core versions of 6 or 8 I have read nothing. Yes there are many stating that there will not be any more, FX Chips, but I don't know. It would seem strange to have a 4 core then 6 then move up to 8 and then back to 4 again. PLus because of all the hype before release previously and if I was AMD I would not want to repeat that. I would keep any CPU only chips under wraps until just before launch. Though this would be a liuttle unfair to those who bought AM3+ motherboards hoping to upgrade to Steamroller.

Me personally maybe think there will be a 6 core Steamroller FX. What I would like to see is a 6 core APU!! Now if they did this with a higher number or graphics cores than the 4 cores then I think that would be one nice chip. Unless of course Steamroller ends up slower than Piledriver which I very much doubt, lol. Besides all this there is also Valve's Steam OS. BE interesting to see what gets announced with that, now that they know that the consoles have gone AMD APU. Maybe a STEAM OS PC will ran like the proverbial Gazelle?! Here is hoping!

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