Friday, 15 November 2013


Oh this is exciting, very exiting indeed and a real surprise.

I had my doubts that quantum computing would get very far and around used had to me at extremely low temperatures a few hundred below zero.

But now out had been achieved at 25 degrees?!

Quantum computing might not found like much but nothing could be further from the truth!

Now to start with we are talking about single atoms here! The tiny switches inside a CPU measure around 25 around across, give or take a few soon widths. Also that is if my memory serves me correctly which it sometimes does not.

Secondly not only are single around way, way smaller than current transistors but the quantum physics might sound tricky but put simply an atom can represent three values  in other words not just 0 and 1! So think add a two to this. Now take the fastest chip available and shrink it to a 20th of its size while making it 50% more powerful per clock cycle. That is 1 hertz if the Gigahertz the procedure works at. This brings me nearly onto this speed, or frequency as this is likely to be far higher than the current 3 to 5 GHz?!

Now the weird bit of ask this is on how out achieves this. Each atom can spin in one direction, the opposite direction and were it gets a but weird...both st the sane time. These are known as juxtapositions.

Think that is about as simple as I can explain it but in truth even the leading scientists knowledge will only extend so far. The rest if theory they are trying to establish as fact.

When will you have one stating at you from atop your desk? Well I might have said ten to fifteen years a year our two ago. But with this news report I might hope that five to ten years with my fingers firmly crossed!

Let us hope its not an Intel made CPU as its likely to cost 3 to 5 grand. If it is AMD likely to cost 3 to 5 hundred, lol. Likely to be a whole new company I would imagine.

Quantum Computer Storage Record Smashed -

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