Friday, 7 September 2012

Cores & Clocks

Well I seem to in a situation i have found myself in many a time in the past only this time the goalposts are shifting. This is certainly true when reading the many 'opinions'expressed on the internet.

I have been around computers a very long time and I find some of the opinions and stuff being banded about as absolutely astonishing. especially considering that their opinions are that and only that and have no way of knowing, even trained hardware engineers, what a product will perform like BEFORE it is launched.

Especially sad or those individuals who continue to run down the underdog, AMD in this case, and praise the hell out of Intel. The latter a company that is awash with anti-trust issues and has been for years. The ones that take an expensive processor and then disable parts of it, effectively BREAKING IT, and then sell it to you at a reduced cost.

I never seen a customer who could not afford to by a kitten and asking the store manager if they have any cheaper ones with legs missing?! Madness and I have hated this method for as long as I can remember.

At the moment I am waiting to see the results, or benchmarks, of the Piledriver based AMD Vishera CPUs as the long awaited Bulldozer chips were somewhat disappointing. I was aware if someone that called himself JF-AMD who made remarks about his opinions are his own and it was obvious he worked for AMD.However he made a statement in one forum thread I was keeping an eye on for details on BD and I have to interject, god do not ask me to recall, when something he said was just not true. I told him so and suddenly many things he had been claiming my mind simply put in the trash-can, pardon the pun! At that point I suddenly realised that this was going to be disappointing and when it turned out thus I was also disappointed that AMD had allowed him to do what he did and likely put him up to it.

This was not the company I had come to admire over the years and what they did was absolutely stupid and even more so considering the money and salaries being banded about the company! *sigh* I only hope they have now learned their lesson and do not even think about pulling anything like that again. I also hope that the situation is improved with the Piledriver cores in the upcoming AMD FX CPUs?!

I would have thought so as there would be some improvements and each of these in turn should mount up with

1 Minor alterations that improve the IPC
2 Clock Frequency
3 Lower Power Consumption

Now what I am hoping is that the IPC will improve and whether this turns out to be 3% or 20% the fact that the base frequency will be higher will then increase the speed of the processor overall. This will, and can only ever be proved by, real world benchmarking....

But then even this has become a grey area if the mixed Bulldozer benchmarks are anything to go by, as nothing makes any sense in reality. In other words some things it is good at, as the naysayers hmm no intel fanboys... hmm intel reps state 'cherry picking', and some it is not. Sorry people it is either crap or it is not, if a processor can run SOMETHING well then there is obviously something up with the coding on the other parts and this is NOT down to the processor. Yes at the end of the day you CAN take this into consideration for your purchase but you simply can NOT blame the processor. These are the pitfuls of attempting innovation. But be honest about it, do not lie about it as no one will respect you for it and it will not work anyway.

The Harbingers of Doom predicting the demise of AMD and the speed desktop CPU crown also has me in fits of laughter. Why would you do that? Just ...WHY? It baffles me it really does. You look stupid for a start, you preach about things you obviously know nothing about, or maybe you actually WORK for Intel?! You talk about how easy it is to make CPUs, do it in your bedroom do you, and best of all is you have just handed over to Intel £600 to £2000 you were completely ripped off for and then you go around arguing and defending them and attempt to bring about the very thing Intel want, AMDs demise?!

Blind leading the Blind except that it is not. God the Executives at Intel must be crying into their Lattes with laughter over people like that. I can imagine the lunchtime chats "'ere this spotty teenager in his bedroom went and upset some AMD enthusiasts by saying this..." LMAO.

The funny thing is I have noted something about these newly designed BD based CPUs and that is that with the improvements and the upcoming die shrink, though not as small as 22nm (nanometer) as I understand it, this will allow a big jump in the clock frequency and this is not mentioned a great deal in many of these forum heated debates.

Now this comes in, again as I understand it, with the Steamroller CPU and I believe the die shrink will be 28nm, though I hope its smaller even by a small margin. I would estimate that a 22nm AMD CPU whether it was Steamroller, WITH its improvements, or the soon the be released Piledriver Cores I would guess that the GHZ would be a fair leap forward to what they are currently doing.

If you consider that Intel's Ivy Bridge was NOT the big leap these spotty Intel fanboys claimed it would be and that Intel's Haswell (hmm did someone mention my name?) might not be a big leap either it is not far fetched to state that at the time of Steamroller the margin of difference will be pretty minimal and even non-existent.

Also what I find is irritating is that these Doom Mongers serve themselves no good at all....

Her dopey if AMD bring out a faster chip then so will Intel!!

'Oh you can't play games on them'?! Oh please!!!!

I for one would hate a world where Intel has no competition and some magazines that cover hardware, primarily thinking of Custom PC here, might want to remember that as if it goes back to a snails pace then so will magazine sales and many other things besides. Intel would not give a crap about that though!

Not wanting to sound like JF-AMD this is just my opinion and I definately do NOT work for either company, and no Intel Haswell was NOT named after me at all!!!


Just food for thought!


  1. Good piece, refreshing to read something written by someone who knows what the hell he's on about....
    Fair play Matey.