Thursday, 20 June 2013


Well they are at it again!

AMD, Advance Micro Devices, released a Road Map for their Server CPUs and because there was not Steamroller based Opteron they start whining there will be no Steamroller FX CPU too?!

How in the hell did you all come to THAT conclusion?!

You DID note that there was an ARM based Server Chip?! I would have thought this would have been self-explanatory?! No steamroller Opteron but an ARM Opteron and by your logic the next AMD FX chip then will be ARM based too?!

*shakes head*

Now on another note there is this talk of a couple of AMD FX-9000 Series CPUs and THIS I find extraordinary!

There is a AMD FX-9650 and an AMD FX-9350 so the 8 moniker seems to be being skipped and there is this crazy talk of a 230 Watt power consumption?! My word I cannot see how that can stay cold?! I am currently using an extremely crap HP Pavilion DV7 with a Phenom X3 and to my utter disgust it gets a bit hot playing games, or just running Ubuntu which is worse and now twice under different versions of Ubuntu, 12.04 LTS & 13.10, my laptop has shut down twice due to overheating and this was while doing nothing and on the desktop screen?!

I cannot see the power consumption being that but I would keep them away from laptops if they are, especially laptops running Ubuntu and I strongly urge other Linux flavours, like Mint, for your Linux fix.

The link above has an interesting read but though I have come across his blog before I am not sure how many things they get right. Might be like that other wally then likes to promote Intel while overly bashing AMD that makes himself look very obvious, lol.

Speaking of which if you look at the comments on this link you will see a chap called jml12 who...well sounds like he IS 12 and comes out with the most childish rants towards AMD. Now I would normally wager he gets free i7 CPUs sent to him by Intel, oh that would have to be a motherboard TOO then lol, for each month he rants but...well it is too childish to make a blind bit of difference,

Maybe his dad has shares in Intel because he certainly is not old enough to?! LMAO!

His rants really are funny at times but I guess not for the other people commenting. Also the wally keeps banging on about power consumption and says that is what is important to him and everyone else and why AMD will die.

Well he fails to take into account TWO considerations and that is wherever he pops up, and he pops up all over the place. he is in a minority of one so if there are ten people commenting that is ten percent. More than ten people then it will be less that ten percent and if they are commenting on AMD's chips then he has got his figures wrong.

He has also completely FAILED to take into account the people that now have huge solar panels on the roofs of their homes, the moron. Might be costly but power is free, dumb-arse!

I see enough solar panels now with more appearing now and then and even a farm that is cycling distance from me has a solar panel mounted in a field that must be 30 feet by 10 feet?!

Also hilarious is a comment by John Doeson who rather cleverly used jml12's own logic against him while attacking Intel and then states that we need BOTH companies, very true as I stated before, or we will be ripped off.

This idiot really does fail to smell the coffee as if he loves his Intel Haswell chips so much if AMD do step up over the next 6 months this chap will find that the most expensive Intel chips will be halved in price and I am sure he will be over the moon to have that occur?!

Hmm now I am looking for the details on the chips again, as I have forgotten one of them, possibly two, I have now read different model numbers for them...

AMD FX-9590
AMD FX-9370

Hmm and this site states 4.3 stock clock for the 9370 and 4.7 for the 9590?! I thought I had read somewhere that one was going to be 5.0GHz?!

It also states 8 cores for both and based on Piledriver cores but the power consumption and very high prices quoted do not tally up with this?! Price quoted at $500 to $1000 seems to strongly suggest a couple of very fast CPUs?!

Therefore something else must be coming into play here?! The 9 moniker, the power consumption and the price suggest a big leap in performance because no one would buy these otherwise!

SO what are the possibilities?

1) When released it will actually turn out to be Steamroller?! Though at those power levels SteamEngine might be more apt?!


3) More cores? Possibly a 5 module and ten core set up?!

I really cannot see how they can achieve what is flying around the Internet like a Pterodactyl on drugs without ONE or any combination of the above in all honesty. It would explain the TRINITY, OK bad joke, of facts flying about and cost/moniker/price?!

Hmm if they do release this 9 moniker chip maybe the bigger jump in performance to steamroller proper in 2014 will warrant a new name?! Like AMD FXX?!

Will be very interesting and if this is some kind of stepping stone gap filler to the main release in 2014 it should just keep us inquisitive types entertained enough until the main event?!

Christ! I might even BUY one?! But these blogs would have to start being productive for me by the time they come out otherwise I will be constantly avoiding sites with details to avoid repeatedly wiping dribble off my keyboard?!


Roll on the good (or just interesting) times!

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