Thursday, 14 March 2013


Well, well, well!

I am now reading very different things about gaming on AMD FX CPUS and even reading good things about the AMD FX-8350 based on Piledriver?!

So it seems this sudden complaining about Steamroller not coming out until 2014, complaining about AMDs demise and the fact that nVidia allowed SLI to be setup on AMD mobos and you can see all the ingredients actually cooked something up?!

It is funny as I did actually think this so was suprised somewhat when it did not seem to materialise. I then realized that there must be something up with the coding with both games and these benchmarks. This become really obvious when some came out with the AMD CPUs racing away with certain things....

...sorry all you idiots that liked to complain and laugh but if a Processor is CRAP then it is CRAP. It is not extremely good at a few things and then crap at the others unless something else comes into play.

Also you were banging on, supposed to be gamers, about a few FPS hits in games that were old or current or in other words you were going to see no bloody difference discernible by the human eye. Oh big WHOOP! I, on the other hand, did try to tell many n different forums that it is about what happens with the next generation of games and not that your mate has an FPS that shows ten less more than your 250! LMAO!

I must admit I did not even foresee this despite what I said and I certainly did not expect to see it so soon!! Hehe. Apparently this has all come about, and I have not even read all the details yet, because of the release of none other than CRYSIS 3!! I kind you not! LOL!

The Frames Per Second in this game chews up and spits out all but the most expensive Intels. Now I am even reading of Intel fanboys now crying foul and crying out for the Intel CPUs to come down and to release a more powerful and PROPER EIGHT CORE CPU?! WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HEHE!

Oh my god it is sooo funny! Especially when I was reading that Intel had some hardware issue with their Haswell CPU, in case its bad I did NOT design it despite having the same NAME!!

Yes Haswell as some isue or other and Intel basically told the partners and customers 'SUCK IT UP BIATCH!!'

Oh dear that was not nice. The sad thing is if the sizes of these two switched tomorrow the situation would be EXACTLY the same only the names would be switched.

So you see we need them BOTH to exist but with a more level playing field and out of the burning remnants of AMD's ashes they rise up swooping all consoles up in their path and now, unless your a complete moron, every gamer on the PC is going to now realise that ALL FUTURE GAMES WILL BE MUCH MORE OPTIMISED FOR BOTH AMD's CPUs and GPUs!!

This means that everyone who has gone out and bought a HIGH END INTEL PC GAMING RIG in the past year is going to be chewing their fingernails, soiling their underwear and eating the HUGE receipt for their rig! LMAO!

I am particularly glad that this has happened to the deserters that went over to the dark side but made lots of noise and stated inflammatory comments along the way. Oh and that IDIOT on YouTube that everyone thought funny. Now he just looks like a stupid chump! LMAO!

Maybe now we will NOT have a return to the debarcle of what went on recently and in future idiots without any patience whatsoever will just keep any thoughts to themselves.

Oooh I just had a thought?!?!?!?


Oh my god are they going to have to eat humble pie?!?!

A magazine dedictated to the building of gaming rigs whereby in the past coupe of years, as I have OFTEN complained about, AMD barely got a mention and they have gone on about Intel CPUs for gaming rigs?!

Oooh dear, I wonder how many letters and emails they are going to get from people who have laid out a few grand?!

Hmm come to think of it I wonder how many other morons that will realise they look like morons on the Internet are now racing around all the forums to try and delete any comments they previously made?! LMAO!

I fact I know of at least one guy who took great pleasure in going around many sites running down AMD ans stating they would go bust this year and how rubbish their processors are?!

Ohh go it is not fair, I am soo busy over the next week and yet I want to read the backlash that will no doubt go on for the next few months, lol.

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