Sunday, 10 March 2013


OK this has been a pet hate of mine for sometime that has got a great deal worse and now bordering on ridiculous!!

Today I purchased a special software edition of Computer Active! Magazine. I got this for the Open Office Suite but while perusing the software on the disk I spotted a Windows Cleanup v1.0 program ony it is one of these ones that scan your PC then tell you you have eleventy gazillion problems (a LIE) and then tell you this is bad...

...only this one goes one better and tells you that it is DANGEROUS?!?! God I might INJURE MYSELF?! Will it spit out an optical disk with such force that it will become lodged into my skull and possibly my limited grey matter too?!


The fact thet software such as this is given away on a cover disc of a magazine for me has now gone way too far and this magazine should be ashamed of itself for including such a terrible piece of software such as this on their cover disc?!?!

I will join the DOTS...

Regular users buy magazines as they see, or at least USED TO, them as a reliable source of facts and in this course advice and pointers to reliable hardware and software. This Windows Cleaner v1.0 dies not come under any of these categories.

What makes it worse, and this is where my PET HATE comes in as that I think that software engineers, or the people that force them to, code a piece of software (or APP to younger people that do not know what programs are) in such a way that to make you go through the installation process then LIE to you about your system and then tell you that you have to pay them MONEY before this "DANGEROUS" situation is fixed should have their HANDS CUT OFF.

The magazine publisher should be reprimanded and if they EVER do that again take away their ability to ever publish ANYTHING ever again!!

I am starting to think that the only way these company owners will get back into place is to bring back FLOGGING!! You think I am joking but the absolute piss is being taken by a great many people and companies for sheer greed, probably because of their role models and the pathetic and wrong teachings using crap and outdated business models based purely on that taking over the world mentality!



 Piss taking PISS-ANTS they really are! LOL!

If I ran half a dozen different programs that do the same thing I would get half a dozen different answers or numbers...

...indeed I ran a previous piece of software that did the exact same thing 6 times in a row and never did I get the same figures TWICE when I should have had them SIX times if the software did what it claimed to do!!

It is a disgusting and despicable behaviour of all involved. THE END!


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