Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Well what do you know?!

I switched on the laptop and then the kettle. I had completely forgotten that despite Computer Active's report on installing a hassle free Ubuntu onto my laptop they also flalsely stated that Ubuntu would be the default OS in the Dual Boot menu and when I returned from my kitchen it had booted into Windows 7!

Well it was LATE last night.... I FORGOT ALL RIGHT ALREADY! LMAO!

Anyway I thought as I was now in windows instead of tinkering around with Ubuntu 10.04 I would have a little look on-line and what do you know?!

Well I found something that makes them people at Computer Active look very....SOMETHING!!

Hassle free is it? Ubuntu is the default choice in the Dual Boot Menu? Digging at bad reporting on Computer Active here really, lol.

Well then can you explain how apparently it has very SEVERE ISSUES with AMD Graphics chips? I will go and find out it has issues with AMD CPUS next?!

I am sorry but that is bad! REALLY BAD! The funny thing is, is that this chap who does an extremely impressive and THOROUGH report on using it on his HP DV7 says that 12.04 is NOT AS BAD as a couple of previous versions and refers to them as TRAGEDIES?! My word!! LMAO!

I would make a rough but good estimation that AMD Graphics Chips exist in a little over HALF OF ALL PCs. One because they are always a little cheaper and TWO and because AMD is a budget brand people who go AMD CPU mostly also go AMD GPU too.

CLICK HERE TO READ HIS FINDINGS:   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1971842

I should add that the post above is bloody old and has shocked me even further that a year on I can still have problems installing this version?! Mad!

If you have not then take a quick look at how he lays it out and I have not even read it all yet...

Still do not want to read it?! LOL.

Still though after all that I AM GLAD I read it and will look to see if there is a solution.

Now I know nothing, oh OK next to nothing, about how Linux work currently. I know nothing about updates, what software works with it, how to use it in anyway really.

I have used MACS when I worked for a solicitor and it does look remarkably similar to that.

I also did use KDE for a time too but that was EONS ago now, LOL. It is funny as I have seen terms that I recall from being used for Linux but in a context where they seem to mean something else other than I remember?! 

I think I am going to order a BOOK?!?!


SO I will leave Ubuntu there. I have been eyeing up Hybrid Drives too, to go larger then my 320GB which is nowhere near large enough BEFORE I installed Ubuntu?! 

I think with the hybrid I could go 500GB but would be wiser to go 750GB. I think I read that the OCZ Revo Drive was being discontinued though I do not know why this is!


  1. As you're having loads of problems, I'm recommending you go on this forum, there’s a guy called Mark and he is very helpful, there are a couple more that can give you help, they are a great bunch.


  2. Cheers Peter I will give that a look on next few days mate.

  3. Oh by the way... I did get into the BIOS SETTINGS and god knows why the keys are always different each time I get a PC. Now WHY in the world there is not a body to state that it should always be the same key I do not know, like there is for everything else, lol.

    It was not F2, nor F1, nor F5 or F6 and not F12 and neither was it Escape. Plus I was not sure if I was supposed to be pressing the FUNCTION key for the F keys so tried them all TWICE, lol. No it turned out on this occasion to be F11 and in the past I have also had it be F8 too! GRRRR!

    Still what I wanted to put was that I have altered the boot sequencing so that I may be able to boot from the Disc Image of Ubuntu and will quickly try that tomorrow and not sure if this will be able to work with the section of hard drive now designated ti the installed Ubuntu?! Still it IS a theory to test and I may be surprised to discover that it does and also works without this locking up issue and really bad speed hits and failing to do just about anything. Oh and not forgetting the unresponsive nature of it.

    As I could not get the graphics drivers for it I downloaded from the AMD site am am at a loss to know what to do next right now. If I can get it working fro CD and able to make changes to the installed Ubuntu and download and install things without failing, or helps with repeated attempts if it fails QUICKLY andnot after a couple of hours, lol.

    The Ubuntu was 12.04 and downloaded from Ubuntu's site or in other words it was not included on the disc of software that came with the Computer Active How To magazine, just in case that is what you thought.