Saturday, 30 March 2013


Right here we are!!

I found the 'educational' video and I do think you will enjoy it and hopefully it will help many PC Users out there.

There are just a couple more videos other than this one but its all done now.

I would like to say thanks to Peter for putting Ubuntu in my head in the first place and I really mean sarcasm intended my friend.

Computers always drive me nuts but I DO LIKE the challenge in all honesty, despite spitting fir and moaning about it but that is just down to the fact I always have alot going on (Pain, Hospitals, Doctor, Blogs, Police, Local Council, Bailiffs, Orchids, Bills, Shopping, GPs, Tests, Planning, Corruption, Animals, Astonomy, Cycling, The NEWS and oddly enough not a woman in sight!!! LMAO) as I know you are aware and likely man others are here too.

If not....well you HAVE seen my other blogs...surely?! LMAO!

Anyway without further ado, Microsoft CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!!

Had to link this as Blogger did not update the title so could not find it...TUT-TUT and it is all handled and managed by GOOGLE TOO?! LMAO!

Are you aware Mr Ballmer that you have, single handed, destroyed and are STILL destroying one of the greatest companies to ever come about?! All due to greed, power and EGO!!

Just like the Intel and AMD thing I want many companies to co-exist.. BUT...

1) I hate the way that Microsoft and Intel behave towards others

2) It will only serve to destroy themselves eventually (disagree? well your WRONG! LOL)

3) But more sadly is that whoever usurps them only turns into them in time!!

4) The kinds of people that come in and do that should be banned from being involved in ANY kind of business (it is old hat, out of date and will not serve you anymore! Business models have to evolve too you know?!)

5) I have and am proving all the above and have been doing so for the last 7 months and will continue to do so for about a year. (At anytime between June 2013 and February 2014 I would have proved my point beyond ANY shadow of a doubt. Disagree? Well you can come back in February 2014 and tell me I am an idiot then can you not? If your in hiding then you will realise that I am an up and coming GOOD INFLUENCE on these matters, LMAO)


HEHE. Sorry I cannot resist a bit of humour, lol.

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