Saturday, 16 March 2013


I was doing a search to discover issues and ways around getting drivers installed for my graphics card in Ubuntu 12.04 when I suddenly realised something...

I did ths following search in Google ... {ubuntu 12.04 "radeon HD5470M"}

So Ubuntu 12.04 and then exact string 'Radeon HD5470M' and I got two page results up using Google Chromium.

The total number of results is 11.

Half of these were in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE!

What I find odd and particularly disturbing is that I have over half a dozen, and I do mean OVER, posts whereby the tags are exactly as the search criteria I put not ONE POST comes up in the search?!

That is not only wrong but worrying!

EDIT: Let me just double check the EXACT figure on posts...TWELVE. First post was five days back I think....yes FIVE DAYS. Are Google's servers a bit slow or something?! LMAO!

Twelve posts with the tags I put in the search field and not one of the twelve posts came up in the search?!

Right I will leave that there as it just occurred to me while looking for this graphics driver issue I have.

I am also backing up as well as syncing something else while I search so I will go back to that right now.

Also you can guess what I just put in as TAGS on this post, lol!!

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