Saturday, 16 March 2013


Had a quick flick through May's Custom PC and not a sniff of AMD in there.

Also in the three sections of different build levels for PC RIGS AMD still only gets the thumbs up in the BUDGET SECTION?!

Also of note was a curious group test on coolers I would normally want to read...that is until I noticed that they only had Intel coolers and what made me die was that they had them for BOTH INTEL sockets and not a single AMD one?!

But in Micro Mart's inside front page CCL Computers have an advert where they state that there number 1 selling gaming rig is actually based on an AMD FX-4100?!

Custom PC Magazine remind me of an old Woody Allen film I saw as a kid... 'Take the Money and Run!'


They have managed to make themselves look like a bunch of unintelligent fools now and I would imagine they have an issie coming up that will be called Eating Humble Pie?!

I mean the constant omission of AMD CPU made rigs in the MEDIUM, HIGH END AND EXTREME PC Rigs is bad enough but to do a giant test on a load of coolers and not have a single AMD cooler?!

Bad, Custom PC, REALLY BAD!

I mean if I had been going to build a rig and built one on a high end Intel, by buying into the AMD bashing and all the 'EXPERT' opinions on what was WRONG with the hardware and why it was slow, you know the hardware that now whips all but the highest Intel CPU, and that is damned close, in Crysis 3 well there simply is no more excuses.

Everyone that claimed it was down to hardware and the shared FPU have now been proven WRONG.

For every other Intel fanboy that INSISTED that the 8 core was only FOUR CORES...

...damn that FOUR CORE FX-8350 really makes Intel look pretty silly now?!


If the hardware was crap then it was crap, it does not suddenly and magically cure itself, that is WHY it is called hardware.

I am annoyed I nearly bought into all that and would have gone for an Intel for the same time in years. But then I would have taken several journalists to court for falsely claiming they know stuff they do not!

I should have trusted my initial instincts on this one I really should have, lol. Still I am just relieved I did not buy that 8 core Intel know the one that is not an 8 core CPU?!


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