Sunday, 3 March 2013


Well I was just reading the comments on an articcle about the GeForce Titan after seeing The Tech Source TV channel.

Only I was not checkng all the numbers when I noticed that the magazine that did the article I was reading got lambasted for being biased towards NVIDIA?!

Then I remebered looking in the last Custom PC Magazine that did an article on building a Gaming RIG for £389, as stated on the cover...

...only when you go to the article when they SUM UP there are in fact TWO machines. The AMD one was built using a APU, CPU and GPU on the same chip but there was another column about building another one using an Intel and NVIDIA which came to £520?!

Now why the hell would you do that and of course in recent Custom PC fashion the £520 Rig gets higher benchmarks.


This Intel RIG is £130 MORE EXPENSIVE that the AMD one and that begs the question...

Why did they not then include another dedicated graphics card to the AMD RIG in Crossfire?!

Surely it would have made a better appeal to buying customers, err like ME, that for £500 or a bit over you can have a CROSSFIRE AMD Rig?!

Well I suppose it would put the Intel RIG in the shade?!

I did not read it all and as I always do I put the magazine back on the shelf in disgust...AGAIN. A magazine I normally walked out of the store with in my hands I hardly ever buy and have not done so in a very long time.

I also find it bloody hilarious as well as condemning towards their questionable judgement that they are a magazine that talks about gaming, with PC Gaming always in fear of evaporating away, lambasted AMD for their chips while praising Intel when you cannot see ANY discernable difference much in gaming between the two camps and on top of that, what happens now?

Both Sony and Microsoft now announce that their NEXT GENERATION GAMING CONSOLES will be ALL AMD?!



Now all thw moaning and whinging that has gone on amomngst gamers and all the wild claims that have been made...well what can I say?!

I laughed until I nearly soiled myself and wondered of all the fanboys, naysayers, biased gaming journalists and OBR Hardware are all now pooling their cash to buy an island in the pacific where they can go and hide from the limelight and the Internet?!

All i can say is if you now spend the rest of 2013 and 2014 being absolutely boiled and roasted by AMD fans...well I am afraid you stuck your heads in the proverbial nooses and how could you expect any different?!

Oh and the hype over Ultrabooks too?! They are crap in all honesty but no they are all 'ooh Ultrabook is the new BUZZWORD!' Yup buzzwaord for CRAP. ANy news of reviews about SLEEKBOOKS?!

Curiously NO!


So an 8 core APU in the AMD CPU code named Jaguar? Oh my god I hope so?!?!

That other PC Magazine and the article os Maximum PC but as I stated it is only what people were commenting on...,1

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