Sunday, 17 March 2013


I completely forgot about this one I have been so busy but...

I DID take my two items to that Cash Converters in Waltham Cross!

Now remember I emailed them and told them I have a great deal of pain and WHY I am selling my things. If you recall I never got a price for my Pink Floyd box set by email so ended up in their one day...they agreed £50.

So next day a friend was here who was passing the store on his way home and I got a lift up there...only I am not used to doing this kind of thing and never sold to one of these stores before but due to the refurbished and faulty Nikon L810 camera sold to me by Argos and with Nikon not giving a flying f...hoot about it I ended up out again, in pain and paying £120 EXTRA.

Only when I got there I had forgotten to take ID, but I had been in a similar store in Enfield last year and sold off some DVDs and BLU-RAY films I did not want and he accepted my VISA and BANK cards as proof. What Cash Converters either do not know or do not care about is that a Driver's Licence is not, or at least WAS NOT, proof of ID and I know this because they told me to my face, the DVLA, and yes that means I was IN THEIR BUILDING IN SWANSEA!!

They would not accept the cards and then I said we will sort out the prices and that I would leave the items there and go home and return with ID, which I did on my BIKE!

Only I ended up waiting a bloody long time and TWICE, while HOPPING form one foot to the next waiting in a queue. Worse still is even when I was up there dealing with someone it then took a an even LONGER amount of time still?!?!

This was because the woman that dealt with me insisted that she did not know whether or not the box set was an American one, as they apparently fetch £40 she tells me, or a UK one?! I pointed out that the sticker on the back says UK and EMI and that it states EMI on the discs and inside the book!

The idiot then says ... but that is just a sticker?! I thought "What the F***?! And ON THE DISC it is ONLY PRINT!!! WHATS YOUR BLOODY POINT?!?!" before I then said ... umm EMI do not exist in America, if you look on-line you will see that Pink Floyd use (or at least used to) the CAPITOL label over there!

Nope this had no effect at all and to make things worse the Nikon s8200 Camera I took in they quoted me £30 (I did think this was £35 but no matter) to £55 for she quoted me £32 and the reason being is the prices had gone down that day?! F*** OFF!! To make things worse I had to then point out that.... I had a brand new hard case I had just bought for another camera I had to return and that was £10. I had an extra battery and an extra CHARGER and another JESSOPS (so not crap) padded case and all material and the camera was will under warranty. No difference.

I then pointed out that she was offering me LESS money than the extras had cost me...NO DIFFERENCE.

I said that there was no way I was going to sell it for that and that I would take it when I returned. When I did return with the ID and went through the whole thing again in pain I then said "can I have my camera please?" and she said "Oh? Are you not selling it to us then?!" and I thought "What the F***?!" This woman has just six grey cells and they are not working together very well?!"

I said "Well NO I am not, not at that price I told you I have a friend who would pay me more for it and I would rather sell it to him! I told you this earlier? Also if I can be bothered to go to another CEX Store I am NOT banned in they will pay me £65 for it, I checked while I was getting my ID and THAT IS TODAY'S PRICES, you know the price you said had gone DOWN today?!"

I managed to pay my rent but this left me unable to pay anything towards my electric bill but they emailed me and said I did not have to be up to date until May 7th 2013 anyway!

You know the public must realise and take on board that of this companies can behave like that and attempt to lie and rip-off someone who is disabled what will they do to YOU if you have no choice but to go in their and you are NOT disabled?

My friend who lives locally has a friend on the store he has known for years and when I phoned him and told him what they now said he went mad and said "f*** them! Do NOT sell it for that!" and was surprised they lied to me and led me up the garden path the way they did.

So for those that would think dealing with these stores in times of desperation then have your WITS ABOUT YOU!!

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